Mercy (Zhuque) - Overwatch


Ailune posted on 6 May, 2019 - 18:57
This looks SO good! I'm also doing an Overwatch cosplay for May expo - I hope to see you there for pictures :)

27th March 2019

Wig and head peices

Today I tested how the wig and head peices worked together. I need to attach the head bit properly as I just pinned it here but so far so good I think lol

26th March 2019

Staff wip

I'm not majorly proud of the staff but it's getting worked on and isn't too bad considering I don't have a 3d printer or the funds to commission lol

22nd March 2019

Wings wip

Ignore how they are sitting this isn't my final harness it's actually a sports top I was wearing lol I thought it would just let me see how the wings looked on me. They aren't fully glued here but they are now and are waiting for be painted and sorted with the harness. Not bad for basically free wings using what I had laying around lol

20th March 2019


More armour wip

15th March 2019

Armour wip

I've done alot of the armour work and the top. I'm not sure how much I've done as it feels like I haven't made any progress lol

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