Mathilda - Beyblade G-Revolution

In Progress




Another one I had planned from ages ago but never worked on it because I didn't have the skills. Actually, the only things I have are the yellow vest and the green shorts, both of which still fit, suprisingly. I'm planning on asking my cousins fiance if she can help me out with making some of the other bits and pieces. I also have some goggles which were meant for Reno ^^

This is a possible cosplay for Amecon 2010


Jojo_nexuz posted on 11 June, 2009 - 03:29
oh gosh, BBlade cosplay :D was thinking of cosplaying the main character for that when i saw the first episode a few weeks back, you should bring a bey blade and the arena for it :O

Anonymous posted on 7 July, 2009 - 08:30
Sweet! A Mathilda cosplayer, When are you planning this for?