Sasha Braus
Attack on Titan

Cosplayer: GeekyGee

Status: Complete

Condition: Retired

18th May 2018: Finished Harness Finished Sasha's harness tonight. It's a very simplified version of the harness, partly because of time but also for comfort.

17th May 2018: Leg straps Finished the leg straps. Made from fake leather, with the belt buckles made from copper wire. The buckles are just for detail, the strapping itself is attached together with velcro when I put them on.

14th May 2018: Making Straps Been making the straps for Sasha's harness. They are made of fake leather cut into strips, then folded in on themselves and attached with contact adhesive to neaten them.

22nd April 2018: Strap pattern Put together a rough pattern for the straps - they'll be properly resized once I get to cutting out the material.