Garnet Til Alexandros XVII - Final Fantasy IX

In Progress

Amecon 2018


Final Fantasy 9 is easily my favouritist game of all time and I absolutely adore Zidane and Dagger <3 I squeal internally every time I see other cosplayers together and cutesy fanarts to this day! I just adore them both!!!!

Like many others, not only do I dread wearing orange, but also there are so many other amazing Garnet cosplayers out there so although this was a dream for me I was quite intimidated by all that. Also I had promised myself to never do this character unless I have a partner to go all mushy with <3 Now I have a ton of exp making bodysuits, being cosplaying long enough to stop caring about how I compare to others, got the guy and generally gutsy enough to make such a costume I decided to just go for it!

Hitting my 10 year convention anniversary I jumbled my plans around to hopefully get this ready for Amecon. I would have LOVED LOVED LOVED to do her big dress but maybe that can wait a little until I get enough patience to do all the embroidery (I keep putting Terra off as I found that is something I am lacking a little :'D )

Fables posted on 12 April, 2018 - 17:48
I hope you post lots of progress! You're gonna look great :D

White Tigress posted on 16 April, 2018 - 00:13
Thank you so much ^____^ I am really looking forward to all the little updates and stuff as I have literally been waiting for the to happen for the longest time ;A;


Total cost: £0.00

3rd June 2018

Gloves and boots

I am in love with the shades they are in! Sadly the boots are pretty uncomfortable so Ill be bringing some comfier footwear for when Ill be walking long distances. May keep an eye out for something simmilar.

31st May 2018


The bodysuit is taking shape fine. Got a lot of taking in to do so its better fitted. I have brought some eyelet pliers so the holes will clean, hopefully just as well as the practice pieces on scraps. Need to find the right kind of string for the lacing. I brought extra elastic for ladybug so I can use it as a placeholder if I dont get any soon. The gloves had to be reordered as they failed to arrive and without arguing with me I was given a straight refund 0-0 Perhaps one of the more stressful parts of the costume is finding the right crystal for the pendant. I didnt have too much luck on Ebay, but Amazon had a few I could choose from. I am pretty mathematically awkward so hopefully I didnt cock this up :'D Should be able to make the crown from the Worbla I have lying around ^^ Brought a second choker as my original seemed to have been eaten away by the mess in my sewing den x'D Also got a cheap barrette for the wig. I have begun sourcing a few things in my house for a maybe if I have enough time to make the Mythril staff :D Progress has been really slow as I have also been working on Ladybug too x.x

7th May 2018


Not sure how I felt at first but after playing around with a hairdryer and cutting in some bangs I became much happier with this. Considered cutting it short at one point hence how it looks from the front xD No bangs in any wig is never an option for me :'D Wish I waited for the Alexs to get back in stock but I made it work.

30th April 2018


Ordered the gloves, boots and wig. I was gonna get a Alex in Natural Black but sadly it was sold out but when I looked at the references I felt that maybe a Kitt in that colour would probably be better suited! ^^ I am really looking forward to styling it!

27th April 2018

Blouse 2

I did not like how it was looking so I remade with better fabric. Oh my god its so comfy and so easy to work with! It is far more forgiving with seam ripper holes too! I had some free time today and managed to do the sleeves. I will still need to attach them but I am quite likeing the effect. Played Rock Horror in the backgroud which kept distracting me a bit but gave me this oomph!

19th April 2018


Small update but it arrived in the post today.

16th April 2018


To achieve the ruffle effect on the chest I basically made an elasticated tubetop. The rest will be sewn around it.

8th April 2018


I am super excited to start this! Found some white strech fabric in my room and ordered some orange Scuba! Best of all my boyfriend agreed to be Zidane!!! <3