D.va (White Rabbit skin) - Overwatch


Showcased 6th August 2018 What is this?


Delusional posted on 6 May, 2018 - 16:53
The iron on vinyl worked so well, incredibly neat work! I’ve loved seeing this come together and the whole thing looks fantastic <3

ObscuraOwl posted on 10 May, 2018 - 02:45
Thank you so much! <3

Amy-Lou posted on 4 June, 2018 - 18:25
Very cool! Great work getting all the little details.

ObscuraOwl posted on 5 June, 2018 - 20:21
Thank you!! <3

1st May 2018

Attaching the vinyls and shoe cover wip

By far the most tedious process of this cosplay. cutting out the pieces took way longer than expected. I used some stretch vinyl from coscraft (www.coscraft.co.uk/heat-transfer-garment-vinyl/1060-stretch-garment-vinyl-6-colours.html) I ironed on the vinyls and painted the eyes with fabric paint. I made a pattern for the shoe covers, using the tape and cling film method, which came out better than expected.

29th April 2018

Gloves and Thigh piece

Made some progress with the gloves. I used McCall's M7397 pattern, I painted on the lines with black fabric paint. As for the thigh pieces I used a stretch sponge fabric and some "buttersoft pvc" I also used my duct tape pattern as a guide.

25th April 2018

Elbow pad and bodysuit so far.

My partner helped photoshop me a pattern for the text on the side of the leg. I attached the back and leg pieces by pinning them to the suit while wearing it. carefully took it off and sewed the purple bits only. I then folded the rough edge of the pvc outline and sewed it down. I made a quick pattern for the elbow pads, then sewed it to the arm and painted the dots on it with fabric paint.

21st April 2018

Neck Piece

Finished the arm pieces, spent an hour or two painting the dots on the arms ( I'll be painting the rest of the dots on the bodysuit when all the bits are sewn together.) I used a 3D printed template my partner quickly printed for me, that helped a lot! ( I will link it if he uploads it anywhere) Added the white edging to the leg side panels and the middle piece (not pictured) just need to sew them all on. fingers crossed it works, I'm happy with the results so far!

18th April 2018

Back + side piece

This is probably one of the only parts I used from the duct tape pattern. I used the same technique as I did with the shoulder piece, I cut the pattern out on the fold with the sponge material and then the main fabric. I then sewed the finished piece on some "buttersoft PVC" (it's PVC but a lot more matte and softer basically) This is for the white outline on the leg and side panels, I didn't sew the bottom centre though. I still need to cut it out and sew it to the leg panel then the bodysuit.

15th April 2018

Shoulder Piece

I used the top half of Simplicity 8434, sewed together a mock up top and drew the pattern on while I was wearing it (it turned out a lot better than the duct tape pattern) I used a Lycra material that came with a thin layer of sponge on the inside as a base(highly recommend as it helps the pattern keep it's shape) After a few trial and errors, I found out the best way to sew this was to cut out the pattern with the sponge material first, place the sponge fabric on the main material, cut a rough outline around the edge, pin it, sew it and then fold over the excess and sew it in place. It was quite an experiment but really happy with the results so far! (also the spacing for the lines is about 3cm apart, I had to sew the lines in, same as the bodysuit.)

14th April 2018


I placed the bodysuit fabric on the floor and marked out line every 2 inches with chalk,I did this BEFORE I cut out the pattern. The duct tape idea just wasn't working for me (apart from the leg panels) so I decided to use Simplicity 8434 pattern as a base ( I had to pin the pattern together to make it work) McCall's M7269 is a better option as it doesn't have a seam in the centre. I sewed each individual line for the front of the body suit, I left the back bare so I could lines up the lines on the rear with the side panels. (if that makes sense.. x'D) Once all the lines were sewn I placed the pattern front on the fabric to double check there was enough material left and then cut it out.

5th April 2018

D.va Fabric

Finally purchased all the fabric I need for D.va. I originally wanted to go for PVC fabric, unfortunately I later found out that the stretch vinyl (for the decals on her legs) doesn't take to PVC well so I has to improvise! Fingers crossed it looks okay when it finished!

5th April 2018

D.va Headset

My partner is helping me with all props for D.va, he's 3D printing me all the pieces and it's coming together nicely!

4th April 2018

Colour Matching

Was having a browse through ebay for some fabric today. Unfortunately I didn't find much of a selection, so I'm making a trip to the fabric shop tomorrow, fingers crossed I find something!

3rd April 2018

Seam Allowance

I cut out the duct tape pattern and separated them in to pieces. I placed all the pieces on a roll of scrap paper and drew around the edges. Afterwards I added a seam allowance of 3/4 around each edge.

3rd April 2018


Yesterday I made a pattern using the duct tape and cling film method. My partner helped draw on the pattern, in the end we only drew on one side as we thought it would be a better option. It was difficult trying to get the pattern symmetrical. fingers crossed cutting out the pattern and added seam allowances goes well today!

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