Kanan (Idolised Circus) - Love Live! Sunshine!!

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This was intended to be my first new costume of 2018! I was originally going to do Mari but her outfit just isn't as cute. So Kanan it is :D I'll be getting this done at some point in the future with Bakurakat as You! It was for May MCM but due to funds we had to postpone, but I still look forward to getting her finished eventually!
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20th May 2018
Needs Blue and Pink Cotton
Gold Trim
20th May 2018
Bias Binding
Inner Lining
Off-White cotton with blue details.
Add Resin Stars
10 Resin Stars, for points on the cape and hat. One needs painted gold!
Cape Pattern
Using Simplicity's 'Misses DC Supergirl/Batgirl' pattern!
20th May 2018
Pink Cotton with Black details.
Bow and Star Details
20th May 2018
Make it and Stuff it!
Might be using wadding to give it an extra squishy shape!
20th May 2018
10th April 2018£23.00
Alex in Midnight Blue from Coscraft
Style and Trim Fringe/Front
20th May 2018
20th May 2018
I'll tie the long wig into a low ponytail (and braid it for tidy storage).
Contact Lenses
11th April 2018£9.00
Geo Angel Violet from Candylens
Neck Ruff
Made from Off-White cotton.
A Dark Pink oxford cotton with details.
White Detailing
20th May 2018
We're looking at samples of transfer vinyl!
Pattern and Mock-Up
20th May 2018
Made from Dark Pink cotton oxford with an Off-White neckline.
Rosette and Ruffles
20th May 2018
Lacing Panel at sides.
20th May 2018
With Pink Ribbon and Off-White cotton.
A cheerleader-type skirt made from Pink and Blue cotton.
Add to Bodice
20th May 2018
Cut Pieces/Pleats
20th May 2018
Dark Pink and Blue cotton.
Form Skirt Shape
20th May 2018
Pale pink cotton with details.

Total cost: £32.00

3rd November 2018

Planning the Skirt

I've had this image saved for a while, but never posted it! When planning out the bottom half out my outfit, we realised that using a cheerleader-style skirt would work as a basis for my patterning! Once I pick this costume back up, I'm hoping to do a mockup of the two-tone look.

17th April 2018

Top Half Pattern

This is will be first time I’m using a commercial pattern for one of my cosplays! Being a UK 24 I’ve often found it easier to just make my own. However, making a fresh pattern every time is very time consuming so when Lauren/Baku brought this pattern home I decided to give it a go myself as the Size 20 doesn’t look far off what I’d need! The pattern in question is New Look K6459 and I think it came off a magazine :’) Anyway! The plan is to use this as the ‘Top’ that I’ll make in my Dark Pink fabric. I’ve cut the pattern out and traced it into more sturdy paper, next is to make a mock-up to check the fit! Once it fits right, I can cut up the pattern and alter the neck line as well as add the details like the pointed hemline in the center and mark put where the ribbon side sections will go!

12th April 2018

Wig and Contacts

I've been able to make some minor progress in the last week which has been nice, it feels like things have finally been set in motion! First of all, I've ordered and received my wig! I opted for an Alex in Midnight Blue from Coscraft (https://bit.ly/2EH1hEm). Kanan usually has a high ponytail but because of her hat, this time it's a more reasonable style that should hopefully be more comfortable. I chose the Alex because I needed a long wig with a fairly thick fringe that I can trim and style. Next up, my contact lenses! I only started wearing lenses last year and I'm obsessed! So for Kanan I went ahead and ordered some 'Geo Angel Violet' lenses from Candylens (https://bit.ly/2Huvmdq). I haven't tried them yet but I've read that they're good for dark eyes so I'm eager to give them a whirl ~<3 Last of all, yesterday I ordered some Resin Stars from ebay (https://bit.ly/2GSuOkx) to hang from my cape and hat so even though it's only a minor detail it's nice to have that boxed off :D

3rd April 2018

Fabric Samples

I meant to post this last week but completely forgot! Some Fabric Samples that Lauren ordered came in and I think we’ve selected the winners!! They’re a really nice ‘Oxford Cotton’, and they’re the closest we can find to the reference whilst not being too garish or prone to clashing. The colours are ‘Bubblegum Pink’, ‘Light Blue’ And ‘Magenta’. Bubblegum Pink is for the hats! If we get chance we’ll add the spots, but that’s a low priority until the bigger parts are done of course. The Light Blue will be used for the main part of my skirt, which I’ll be assembling like a cheerleader style skirt, but also for the bottom of my cape’s lining. We might add the stripes at a later date but again, that will depend! Finally the Magenta will be for the main part of my bodice, as well as the insides of the box pleats on the skirt and the exterior of the cape. I’ll probably pick up a Plain Cotton from Hobbycraft in an Off-White colour for the inside of the cape and the neck ruff, because they don’t need to be as high a quality as the rest of the outfit (and also makes it a teeeeeeny bit cheaper, which is nice!).

3rd April 2018

Planning Stages

So recently I've started to look at where I need to begin with this costume to get it ready for May MCM! It's been quite exciting pulling together references and such, it gets me super pumped up for con season <3 I used School Idol Tomodachi to browse all of the cards in the Circus set (https://bit.ly/2q3YG2h) so I could get a better grasp on some details-- It's easier that way since you can see things from different angles. I used Dia's image a lot to get a better idea of the way the cape sits, as well as Ruby and Hanamaru as a better reference of the shoes.

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