Bakugou (Training Uniform) - My Hero Academia


Hibanacon 2017


I got swept up in the BNHA hype and I wanted in! I looove Bakugou and his development, so I couldn't resist cosplaying him (even though I can't act aggressive or angry in the slightest...). The first outfit I bought was kinda cheap so I bought a better one for my second wear at MCM London.

Worn at:
Hibanacon 2017
MCM London Comic Con May 2018

- None! I bought this~

- I cut the sleeves on my original suit slightly so they fit a little better!
- I added Orange Paint to the boots to make them resemble Bakugou's more closely.

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24th May 2018


So when I brought Baku back for MCM I looked at what I could do to improve him! The main thing I wanted was more accurate shoes as opposed to my pre-existing boots (that are actually my work boots, haha). I bought plain black boots from eBay alongside some Tyre Paint Pens and drew out the obnoxious orange design-- They dried pretty quick and survived well in transit but did get scuffed a little over the weekend. Still, for a low-cost fix they did pretty well!

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