Elsee (Demon Uniform) - The World That Only God Knows



I walked in on my brother reading this manga on Mangafox (he reads random manga on the front page because he doesn't have a lift these days), and I fell in love with it. The manga has an obsession with girls with long hair, but I love Elsee - she's adorable, and despite being a total ditz she's accidentally very good at her job! (though this is arguably only because of Kami-sans skills).

The only problem with this cosplay is that with every picture I find for reference her uniform seems to change slightly so I'm unsure whether to make it with sleeves or not. In later chapters I swear she has sleeves, but at the beginning her outfit appears sleeveless. -shrugs- I'll go with the flow, I'm trying to find suitable material and I'm thinking along the lines of pure cotton (similar to a Japanese Yukata). Not much sewing in this, but I want to make her perfect (I haven't managed to sew anything nice, ever).

And of course, finding a suitable wig + hair piece extension. (though I might be able to use my short black wig that I used for Krory, just unweft the white hair).

Anonymous posted on 10 December, 2009 - 00:41
Brilliant, do it. >=[

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