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[Temporary Image: DBZ Still close up of Mirai Trunks's black and white Capsule Corp. Logo Shoulder Patch on his denim jacket.]

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Capsule Corps InternZ
Because I'm on like a huge DBZ fandom nostalgia kick right now (and I've not even watched Super yet!)
Sleeve Lining Fabric
The seller I bought the main jacket lining fabric for made a mistake with stock levels so I've had to improvise with the sleeves
Design, Photoshop & Print CC ID Badge
Laminate if possible
CC Patch Blue
For the hat
Baseball Cap
CC Hat
if there's enough leftover lining fabric, I might make one
Re-Line Jacket
Does what it says on the tin: Remove lining, cut pattern, sew in new lining
Lining Fabric
The jacket turned up and it's got a stupid poly-acetate lining so I need to re-line it, oh well, c'est la vie! Orange with stars!
Take ID Photo
Once I've adapted the jacket, I'll take an ID photo to shoop into my ID pass card
CC Keyring
To use as a fake smart lock electronic key and attach to the ID Badge
Base Jacket
I want something that looks a lot like the kind of 80's work/driver's jackets Bulma wears a lot in Dragonball
Capsule Corps Patches (x2)
I could make these, but also, I can't be bothered so I will buy the official ones
Capsule Corp Bag
I want a matching bag - whether this is bought as is or modified from an old bag and some fabric paint will depend on what I can find
New CC Tee
Because my old one's 2 sizes too big and super ratty and I just want a new one anyway which I will also wear to death IRL
Add Patches to Jacket & Hat
Sew or iron patches onto the jacket and hat
ID Badge Holders
It was cheaper to buy a whole pack of them with their clips so I got a rainbow of options that I can colour co-ordinate with various outfits

Total cost: £66.39

13th March 2018


I need some stealth cosplays that aren't strictly speaking cosplays (but also they totally are still cosplays). Going to cons out of cosplay is something I need to do sometimes if my skin is too sore to deal with makeup and wigs or if I'm too tired and in too much pain to wear anything that isn't fundamentally a tshirt or tunic and leggings. But it makes me unhappy when I'm forced to not cosplay because I'm too ill to. One of my BFF's, Zomboi, used to wear a Nightvale Intern cosplay when we were still doing stalls at cons with Blood/Sugar Cosplay and I've sort of nicked that idea a few times by wearing a nerdy t-shirt and calling myself a "Capsule Corp. Intern" or worn a Red Room Academy t-shirt with black leggings and a ginger wig and called myself a "Trainee Black Widow". So, it's about making a tshirt cosplay that requires no wigs or makeup and basically, unless you know I'm cosplaying because I've explained myself in person, or you recognise my stupid in-joke from my social media pages or because you've bumped into me in one of my Intern cosplays before, I'd pass for being in my street clothes. Sometimes I need to be comfortable and out of full cosplay to practice good self care when my health isn't as good; but that doesn't mean I can't low-key cosplay in a Stark Industries Tee or an Arkham Asylum Lab Coat and knock up an Intern pass card for any imaginary corporation I wish to pretend to work for on photoshop. It also plays big time into my constant, burning need to cosplay as obscure NPC's and background characters that often aren't even actually named in the credits of their media of origin; second only to my love of cosplaying as inanimate objects.

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