Meroko (Art book) - Full Moon O Sagashite


Fables posted on 12 April, 2018 - 14:09
Your progress looks great! I can't wait to see pictures <3

Amy-Lou posted on 24 April, 2018 - 13:19
Thank you!

CrystalNeko posted on 13 April, 2018 - 22:12
I looooove the way you made the wings!! Please post full pictures soon!! I'm dying to see!!

Amy-Lou posted on 24 April, 2018 - 13:20
Thank you! I’ve ordered a small petticoat, once that arrives I want to get some photos :D

8th March 2018

Securing Ears

The ears need to be removable for transport, but comfortable to wear and secure on my head. I ordered some countersunk nylon screws, these are super light, and used a curved panel of worbla to secure them inside the wig. It's similar to how a headband would work, but doesn't need to be as long because the wig will hold it down. The screw ends then poke out the top of the wig where the ears slot on top and the nut fastens inside the ear. A little fiddly, but it worked just fine and they stayed firmly in place :D With the ears being made out of worbla it was so light I kept forgetting I had them on.

7th March 2018

Wig styling

Running out of time for Minami! I got a Kit in milkshake pink from Coscraft, styled it into a centre parting, trimmed a wispy fringe in and rolled up the front sections into curls which are sewn up with pink thread. I’m not convinced the curls will stay neat for long, and I’m now thinking I should have put the bunny ear base and wig clips in first >.<

6th March 2018

Wings Assemble

All glued together! Used contact adhesive so I wouldn’t have to hold the edges together around the wire till it dried (clips would leave dents in this craft foam).

6th March 2018


Tanemura draws thin spikey wings, so I’ve gone with layered craft foam on a wire frame. The middle layer sits under the wire and the two shorter layers sandwich it in place. I’m making Izumi’s wings as well, so there are two pairs in the picture.

4th March 2018

Minky ears

Glued a coating of white minky fabric over the ears. Also added a worbla base with a hole in, this is big enough to fit a screw for attaching the ears.

4th March 2018


Worked out a pattern for the styalized ears. They have blunt ends and wrap over at the front. Copied this onto worbla and moulded them over a tube.

3rd March 2018


Simple choker made from gathered lace trim with a pink ribbon stitched down the middle and pop fasteners on the ends. Making it narrower than her usual ruffles to look right on my neck.

3rd March 2018


Whipped up her bracelet from silver chain and small red drop beads. It’s just big enough to slip on and off.

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