Gau (Amano) - Final Fantasy VI


I remember having such good fun cosplaying Rapp from Grandia that I kind of want to cosplay another wild child again.
Going to start this as soon as I can really. Hand beading and embroidery I want to do over months and not weeks to save my fingers (after Locke I learnt my lesson!)
Also going to really work out for Aloy, so this will help this costume too.
This is planned for the day at Pomathon!

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1st August 2018

Craft Clay

I finished Gau's brooch! Which is made from Craft Clay (Foam Clay) and this stuff is absolutely amazing. So many possibilities. Paint is a combo of Hexflex and acrylic.

14th June 2018

Fabric dyeing.

Very happy with how this fabric turned out after dyeing yesterday. I've opted for a cotton canvas for both the poncho and crop trousers!

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