Miquo’te - Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn


gomimushi posted on 8 February, 2018 - 10:31
Excited to cosplay <> with you :Dd

gomimushi posted on 8 February, 2018 - 10:32
* that was meant to be 《gem》 :T

Amy-Lou posted on 12 February, 2018 - 10:42
Very in character, Gogomi xD It was a lot of fun, can’t wait to do upgrades!

16th January 2019

Under Robe

And here's the hooded cape over the robe. Kuma already had this LARP cape which is perfect, so I'm borrowing it for the cosplay.

15th January 2019

Under Robe

This is the robe to go underneath the cape. I would have made a sleeveless beige robe, but the cape I'm borrowing is sleeveless so this monstrosity was created instead! Luckily the store that makes the cape also sold spare fabric for alterations, so I was able to get a match for the brown canvas. The body is a good foot too long so that it can be tied up with an overhang at the waist. The strip of bias tape is casing for a drawstring that ties at the side.

18th December 2018

Wrist Wraps

The rings are from a convenient belt of linked rings. They only came with two connectors so I added a third with a large jump ring and made the straps from red elastic.

8th December 2018


The bead was varnished then strung together with wooden beads and a couple of metal spacers and fastened with the clasp from an old necklace.

7th December 2018

New Variant and Resin Clay

Time for an upgrade! It felt wrong making my character in anything I don't have in the game and we'll be cosplaying with our FC at FanFest so I decided to do the awful caster robe I spent half the game wearing variants of. To make it more interesting I'm going to make some accessories like the horn necklace and wrist wraps. The pendant is made of white resin clay from Coscraft mixed with brown acrylic before sculpting. Once the clay had dried I sanded a couple of uneven areas before painting it in more brown acrylic and shading the details in black.

6th May 2018

Tail Begins

Unbent a wire coathanger for the tail support and wrapped it in wadding until it looked the right size. This way the stuffing won’t separate or let the wire end poke through when it’s being reposed. The wadding is cut down in a spiral from the top so it’s a little fuller at the bottom.

5th February 2018


Had a great time at KupoCon! Photo taken at KupoCon 2018 with Kuma and CrystalNeko. Wore a casual wardrobe Miquo'te starter set as I'm also making costumes for MinamiCon. Learnt that the ears sit differently on my head to when it's on the wig head so they'll need some adjustments.

28th January 2018

Wig Styling

It was trial and error getting the right place to put the ears. At this point I realised in the tutorial the bottom of the worbla gets cut off at an angle so they sit closer to the head, but it’s not made clear. Wig is an Ash from Coscraft in Dark Green. Straightened and layered in the front with a razor comb. Once in place the hair parting around the ears leaves it very thin just below. To make it easier to part and get more cover I threaded the first weft above the ears down inside the wig and back out just below the ears again.

27th January 2018


The felt was coloured with pink and green eyeshadows brushed into the fibres. The fur is a super plush dark green. I bought a 5mm fur for the tail and trimmed it down for the ears, first with scissors and then an electric trimmer. The fur wouldn’t go between the guard on the trimmer, so I had to free-hand it. Nerve wracking, but I’m happy with how it turned out.

25th January 2018

Ear Pattern

I looked at a few ear tutorials and went with Kamui’s method as these are longer than the dog/cat ears I’ve made before and need a little more strength. Getting the pattern proportions right took quite a while, but then copying it to worbla and adding the felt inside was really quick.

23rd January 2018

Warriors of Light, Assemble!

Going to a few FF fan events this year, so I’m making a cosplay of my Miquo’te character in the game. Starting with a closet cosplay of the starter set for Kupocon, but doing the ears and wig properly so I can upgrade it for a full costume later.

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