Dancing Girl
Final Fantasy Series

Cosplayer: BillieBlouse

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

16th October 2018: Progress - Day 7 So I FINALLY got around to making a start of replacing the hairband I've worn with the various iterations of this Cosplay since 2014! Just because I had all the interfacing and ironing paraphernalia out I though I might as well just cut the patterns for it out at the same time. I also mainly recycled offcuts from Minnie Mouse for the structure so that was good. I adapted the Minted Strawberry Bunny Ears Bow Tutorial Pattern to be bigger and more extra because Final Fantasy: https://mintedstrawberry.blogspot.com/2013/03/diy-easy-usamimi-rabbit-ear-headband.html // [Image: Gold/blue shot raw silk taffeta sitting on a raspberry and dragonfly print ironing board next to a paper sewing pattern, white satin hairband, white elastic and a bag of gold beaded trim.]

3rd February 2018: Kupocon: Pomingham Palace 2018 I test wore the cosplay at Kupocon PMP 2018 and really enjoyed it. It definitely needs more glitter and a bit of extra TLC. I want to restyle the wig and make a new hairband as well. [Image: Billie wearing a blue glittery dress, ginger curly wig, gold hairband, gold bangles, blue legwarmers, blue mary jane shoes, gold necklace and silver 80's science goggle glasses. She stands feet crossed in front of eachother, one arm extended outward and ther arm blancing herself on her rollator which is covered with a patterned scarf which looks very Amano inspired. She is standing in a hotel elevator lobby in front of a mirror and a shiny black plant pot with fake ferns in it.]

30th January 2018: Progress - Day 6 I cog-fogged and muddled up the instructions for the glue and the dye. Dye = washable after 24hrs. Glue = washable after 7days. I managed to wash off about a quarter of the rhinestones and spent 2hrs reattatching them once the dress dried out. C'est last vie! This is why I don't con-crunch anymore.

[Image: Royal blue chiffon dress over a pillow with a plastoc bag over it covered in blue spary shimmer dye and rhinestones. Some rhinestones are missing.]

29th January 2018: Progress - Day 5 Today I sprayed the dress and leotard with shimmer. They need a layer of glitter to add a 3rd texture of sparkle just to make it pop. But unless the other glitter spray arrives tomorrow, that's going to have to wait until rewears. I like it so far but it just needs that little bit extra from another type of glitter to be done. Once they are dry they'll need heat fixed with a quick iron and possibly hand washed just to get rid of any excess paint on the rhinestones so I don't transfer blue onto other people and surfaces by accident.

[Image: Blue chiffon dress stretched over an old pillow in a plastic bag. Ditto a blue leotard. Both are hanging from a washing line I front if a blue sky and a blue shed. Both are sprayed with Marabu shimmer spray in a lighter blue shade. The dress is also covered in hand placed assorted blue rhinestones.]

28th January 2018: Progress - Day 4 So I did the front frills on both sides of the dress and that took about 2hrs in total with plenty of breaks throughout the day. I'm not sure if I want to rhinestone the back frills or if I want to glitter spray them so I'm making that decision in the morning when I'm less tired and leaving it at about 8 hours of rhinestoning and about 300 individually placed rhinestones or thereabouts over 3 days. It may go up to 350 or 400 tomorrow or that may be enough rhinestones if I decide to glitter the back frills instead. I'll figure it out.

[Image: Royal blue chiffon dress over a pillow in a plastic bag. Assorted blue hand placed rhinestones added to frills.]

27th January 2018: Progress - Day 3 I spent maybe 2 hours actually rhinestoning the bodice and back collar over a 4 hour period. I did better at taking regular breaks and got only marginally less work done; though part of that was due to deliberate design choices like rhinestones not being the most comfortable thing to sit on and wanting to add glitter in certain areas for a different texture of sparkle.

[Image: Blue chiffon dress bodice stretched over an old pillow in a plastic bag to stop the layers sticking together - covered in assorted blue rhinestones hand placed.]

26th January 2018: Progress - Day 2 Bedazzling begins. I spent around 4 hours rhinestoning both sides of the skirt at around 2 hours each side. I popped on a Kdrama and just kept sticking until I'd watched 4 or 5 episodes and my arms ached too much to continue. I know I should have taken more breaks (and I did take several in that time), but I find rhinestoning theraputic and I tend to turn my brain off while I'm doing it and don't really notice the time. I do need to get better at balancing regular breaks with working on things though to avoid exhaustion and injury.

I also cleaned and polished my shoes because I failed at being a good House Elf and apparently I'd been on the beach in them and put them away covered in sand at some point last summer... I REALLY need to work on my organising systems so that I'm not always in the position of scrambling to repair, clean and dry everything the week before I need to pack it for the next event or con. 2018 Lifestyle Design Goals.

[Image: A royal blue chiffon dress covered in individually placed assorted blue rhinestones while resting over an old pillow wrapped in a plastic bag to stop me from sticking the dress together accidentally with fabric glue and spangles.]

26th January 2018: Progress - Day 1 Thursday 25th Jan 2018:

I cut the shoulders of the dress open, hand hemmed them then hand sewed ribbons to them.

[Image: Portrait of Billie's torso wear in a blue chiffon dress with ruffle detail down the sides both front and back. With ribbons ties at shoulders. Underneath she wears a navy tank top and black leggings. One arm bent at the elbow and hand on hip, the other arm extended to take the selfie of the altered base dress. This is an old Warehouse dress in royal blue chiffon with an elasticated waist. For some reason this image has uploaded sideways.]

25th January 2018: Repair To Do List 25th/Thurs:

1. Locate Pig Mask
2. Locate bag with Jewellery/Accessories in it
3. Find Shoes
- M.N. Use your blue Hotter Shake Mary Janes as you hurt your hip yesterday, so heels are a bad plan atm.
- + Polish shoes if necessary, but may not have to if I put them away clean like a good House Elf. (26th/Fri)
4. Find Wig
5. Find Tights

Whenever they show up in the post (HOPEFULLY) before the 30th/Tues:

6. Wash: Bra & Legwarmers

24th January 2018: Motivation Due to a number of setbacks with Krile, including severely underestimating how long it would take to make it, I decided to just repair and update my Dancing Girl from 2014 using stuff I already had lying around the weekend before Kupocon: Pomingham Palace 2018. I would have just worn the 2014 version... except that I rewore it to death/tore the dress beyond repair (but not beyond recycling the fabric for something else). After I took my break to re-evaluate what I wanted out of cosplay, I 100% gave up con-crunching (not least because I am physically no longer capable of doing it). If a cosplay isn't finished by the end of the week before an event (and I can usually tell by the Wednesday if that's going to be the case), I am just going to make it be for the next event I go to and finish it for then; and repair and rewear something I already have or make a silly quick project out of cardboard and duct tape if I'm going to find that gets me more motivated and excited to keep cosplaying and for the event. Overall though, Dancing Girls are my favourite villains in the FF series and it's on my Dream Cosplay To Do List that I want to cosplay as pretty much most Dancer Job Class versions of all the Characters I want to Cosplay and as all the colourways of the FFIV Dancing Girls, plus Arylon from FFI. I wanted to do the FFIII NES Sprite version anyway, which is why I had kept the accessories from my 2014 version and the old dress I'm using to adapt for Kupocon - I just wan't going to do it until next year. But, plans change and clearly the Universe wants me to be a Dancing Girl again right now. Honestly, they are my favourite and my 2014 version made me feel so powerful and just, right - the most myself I've ever felt... which is why I wore it to disintegration point. It's one of 3 things that decided me that IRL, part of my professional life had to be some sort of Dance or Performance Art because I feel alive when I dance. And I feel alive when I cosplay as Final Fantasy Dancers and Dancing Girls. [Image: Billie wearing a red silk sleeveless dress, gold necklace, gold bangles, gold hairband, pink bob wig, gold/silver flat shoes and holding a pig mask in one hand. One arm is down in front of her and bent at the elbow. The other arm is bent above her head. One leg is pointed to the side, toes pointed. She stands in front of dead ferns and some trees. The Photo was taken at Auchinawa 2014 by Alasdair Watson Photography and is watermarked: https://www.alasdairwatsonphotography.com/ ]