Zidane Tribal - Final Fantasy IX


Originally I'd planned to make Rikku for Kupocon but my Masters degree meant I was too busy to devote the time needed for all the delicate handwork for that one so I switched to another character. I'd been invited to the FFIX group before and I've been wanting to cosplay Zidane for years now and his outfit seemed a doable project in a month so I thought I'd give it a go!

(Hopefully I'll have time to finish this - at worst case I might just be without his weapons)

I'm opting for the Mage Masher weapons as opposed to the standard daggers in his default image as I prefer the design of these.

EDIT: I wore it to Kupocon and it didn't fall apart thankfully - some alterations I want to make for next time such as altering the trousers to fit better as I accidentally made the waistband a little too small. I'm also commissioning Queen Yam to make new Mage Mashers as while I did finish mine, they were very heavy and not the best ever.

Aiming to rewear at CosXpo!

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