Eiko Carol (Amano) - Final Fantasy IX


Play Expo Blackpool 2018 Kupocon - Pomingham Palace

2nd place - Play Expo Blackpool


I've been hankering to do a new Amano costume for ages, and when looking through my The Sky books, I stumbled across Eiko's artwork and knew I just had to do it <3

Embroidery, beading, excessively glittery trims? BRING IT ON

Amy-Lou posted on 9 February, 2018 - 19:16
Beautiful cosplay, so colourful and fun! Those trousers look incredibly comfy too.

TheStarlightFairy posted on 14 February, 2018 - 21:37
Thank you! They are EXTREMELY comfy, to the point I can and did do yoga in them at Kupocon c:

8th February 2018

Jacket 2

IT IS DONE LADS Two full sleeves of embroidery was a task and a half but by some miracle I did it and I LOVE the result! I added some seed beads here and there, as well as some larger purple gems. On the main body of the jacket I stuck to beads and trims to jazz it up, partially to spare my sanity and partially because I knew the bag would rub against it and potentially ruin it. The jacket is fully lined with pretty jacquard print lining fabric (I couldn't find a blue cotton I liked), with satin bias running around the inside where the lining ends.

8th February 2018


My favourite thing <3 The main bow is made with cotton that I ice-dyed, and I put a larger chiffon bow behind it. On the tails of both bows I added tassels, and some co-ordinating trim, before tying a long beaded cord around the centre. It fixes into the wig with a huuuge comb that is supposed to be for DIY wedding veils (it can handle the weight of the bow easily) Ice dyeing is love

8th February 2018


Using a pattern, I made the top with some beautiful yellow brocade, lined it with spare blue microfiber, and bound the edges with satin bias. For even more flair, I added some purple beaded trim to the under-bust seam. I had to take in the shoulders, but otherwise I'm super happy with this, considering I had very little reference to go on.

8th February 2018


Adventures in wig styling GO! I bought a Lily in White from Coscraft, added Pale Teal wefts, then dip-dyed the ends with FW ink c: not the most wild of styling but good practice for basic techniques c: For even more fancy, I strung beads onto cord and tied the cords onto clips.

14th January 2018


Poofy pants are the greatest! Thankfully the design for these is relatively simple, which I'm very glad of as overly embelleshed trousers/skirts can make moving around and sitting tricky! I've used microfibre, and put a green/purple catatonic chiffon overlay so they have a lovely effect c: There's a band of glittery trim just above the knee c: Hopefully I'll have time to make a 'petticoat' for them but if not, I'll stuff them a bit with some tulle so they keep shape.

14th January 2018


I made a pleather bag for this (GOD BLESS DESIGNS WITH ACTUAL BAGS AND OR POCKETS), and spent far too long adding trims and beads. The lining is left over cotton from Agitha, and there's a phone pocket inside c:

14th January 2018

Jacket 1

Between other elements and while travelling anywhere, I've been slowly working on the bolero by embroidering flower-esque designs on it! It's very slow goings but I'm loving the result so far c: It's just so slow...

31st December 2017


Spent today altering some ugly ugly boots from Primark by making them even more ugly c: I made new straps, added some heel detail, and remembered why I never use metallic embroidery thread any more... Happy new year!

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