Rikku (Hannah Alexander ) - Final Fantasy X

In Progress


I've wanted to do a HA design for a while now as her art noveau reworkings are stunning. After spontaneously deciding to go to Kupocon, and thinking of which costume to make for it I thought it would be cool to finally get around to making one of these and Rikku stood out to me as being a fun project, but not too outside my skill range considering some of the complex detailing in her redesigns.

I'm taking a little creative license with some elements such as the colours (going more for bronzes than yellow tones) and the gradient scarf only has two of the shades in it as I didn't want to risk dying whilst at university so I bought the chiffon ready dyed from Aliexpress after finding a really gorgeous.

Not entirely sure I'll get this done in time for Kupo as my Masters degree is currently taking up a lot of my free time but I'll give it a shot!

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