Junkrat (Original) - Overwatch


I had started planning and making my Junkrat cosplay in January 2017, and finally finished making it all in September, two days before the convention I had the costume planned for!
This was my second time using foam for props, and I'm honestly so very happy with how this costume turned out! I came across many obstacles and difficult areas when making this costume, but with determination I eventually found my way around those obstacles and found ways to tackle the difficult prop building.
I love Junkrat and his crazy chaotic personality and antics! He's very much a polar opposite of me, which makes it all the more fun to cosplay him!
This is probably the one cosplay that I feel really confident in, and the one 80% handmade costume that I have made so far, and I'm honestly so very happy with it!
Junkrat is my favourite cosplay to wear so far, and I plan to wear the costume to many more conventions next year <3

Also my first time creating nose putty and fake eyebrows ;P

Amy-Lou posted on 7 December, 2017 - 12:23
Amazing Junkrat, I love the nose and eyebrows!

littleredscythe cosplay posted on 10 December, 2017 - 16:54
Aww thank you so very much, that’s so nice 😁 The eyebrows and nose took me so long to make, but they’re probably my favourite piece to the costume 😆 Thank you 😃❤️

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