Morrigan (Adviser) - Heroes of Dragon Age


Showcased 29th May 2019 What is this?


This is a variant on the Ballgown Morrigan wears at Halamshiral. This variant appears in the game Heroes of Dragon Age. The main differences are the skirt is black instead of dark green, the sleeve ends with gold ruffels not leather cuffs and the collar has a high stuff collar that has a mothwing pattern in it. She also wears gold feathers in her hair.

link to reference image - https://www.facebook.com/Littlemissmetamorphcosplay/photos/a.10151996780976247.1073741850.230667326246/10154640358006247/?type=3&theater

Sephirayne posted on 31 May, 2019 - 23:49
Excellent costume. Congratulations on the showcase.

Manticore Arts posted on 2 June, 2019 - 20:17
Stunning as always <3

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