Sakura Kinomoto (School Uniform (Winter)) - CardCaptor sakura


Easy costume (?!) to get back into sewing. Never made a sailor fuku... how hard can it be..?
(Turns out it was fiddly as all hell, gosh darnit)

Of course I had to make this right as the new Clear Card season started airing... rIgHt WhEn tHe UnIfOrM cHaNgEd x____x I feel so out-of-fashion...

Top, skirt and tie made by me. I bought the turtle-neck undershirt though.

Mr. Sat-Ash posted on 9 June, 2018 - 11:28
N'awwww... You make an adorable Sakura.

4th March 2018

Sealing Wand Improved!

Found my sealing wand I had tucked away for ages, and the wings had gone a tad yellow-y (or had they always been like that?). Gave it a lick of paint to make it look a bit better!

1st February 2018


Skirt done, finishing touches added, and it's done! Doesn't look too bad? The tie isn't quite the right shape but it looks ok. Just need to give the wig a bit of a brush, find my sealing wand and it's ready to go! Yay!

23rd January 2018

Top Finished (Mostly)

So I was working like a busy bee and got the top of the sailor fuku finished, using the most awkward and needlessly difficult pattern ever. Sigh. Just gotta sew the Tomoeda patch onto the sleeve (thanks Etsy) though its a bit thick so that'll be tricky. Skirt progress started and then immediately halted when I realised I needed an INVISIBLE zip, not a normal zip. And then that I needed a special sewing foot for invisible zips. And THEN found out that 'universal' sewing feet dont work for my retro-ass 1970s sewing machine so had to source one for my specfic machine model. So much silliness. After the skirt its just the scarf and then it's done! Hoping to have this done for Minami..? Ha...

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