Haru Okumura (Beauty Thief Noir) - Persona 5


Clara Cow Cosplay Cup Qualifiers 2017


The shirt is some silk-poly blend fabric, drapes beautifully and that's primarily why I got it because of those lovely puff sleeves, I had to take a pattern off a stretch dress and edit it for non-stretch fabric to get the seams in the right place. There's a rolled hem, all seams have been serged and machine stitched, the collar and cuffs are interfaced for structure.

The waistcoat is cotton drill with bias boning casings and covered in leatherette, facings were understitched before being whip stitched into place to give a seamless edge all around. Double breasted at the front it zips on one side and closed with hook and eyes on the other. Had to pattern this monster from scratch and it took me two solid days (like 8 am to 11:30pm days) to make, I wanted to walk away so many times my brain just short circuited. So happy with the result though, especially, weirdly, the thin part between the bust and arm, like I don't know why that's just the most satisfying part.

Shorts are acetate satin, gathered at the leg but darted at the top to give the structured shape she has, played with the proportions a bit as I'm neither a rake nor stretch on the rack. There are pockets both sides hidden in the center side darts so I could have my card wallet and phone with me. Anyone else a pocket fiend? Literally the life of my cosplay is pockets ha.

The hat is a base from the local party shop, heat shaped at the sides to give the musketeer curl and then covered in a grey leatherette. I lined it with left over fabric from making the gloves because waste not want not? Plus who doesn't love a bright contrast lining?

I had hoped to make the gloves with leather but two trips to Goldhawk Road and stalking my go-to online suppliers yielded nothing in an appropriate colour and I'm not brave enough to try to colour leather on my first go. Cut that tooth on another project. As a result the only thing I had to easy-access hand was purple velour. I'll see myself out.

I exercised the mythical power of machine invisible hemming on the cravat (bib). Literally one of my life's greatest discoveries to date is the use for the ___/\___/\___ stitch. Resin, glass paint and metallic effect fimo for the broach. Mask is another party-store base set to with scissors, glue gun and left over leatherette.

Wig was originally a Mowaru no Penguin Drum (never got round to that cosplay >>;;) wig, wrapped in curlers, dumped into a bucket of boiling water and a lot of praying. The curls dropped some in the day, gravity is increasing on me...but held it's own I think. Might need to put magnets in the wig and hat...it tried to escape a couple of times.

That's it I think?

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