Cosplayer: Darkiekun

Variant: Luna

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

26th October 2017: Snowball attached I've finally done most of snowballs body and got it attached to me. On the references it is floating for this outfit! Just to male it akward and I didn't want to have to cut my top to try hide straps. So I managed to make my big thick and fat belt hold it and it works great! Plus side is it doesn't hurt or do anything bad to my belt so Yay!

Snowball doubles up as my 2nd bag for the con lol yay for a cosplay with hidden baggage!!

23rd October 2017: Wip Wip on Mei! And yes this is a 1am cos test lol the top and belt are being held shut with pins as it's wip but I wanted to see how it looked together so far

The wig is from Coscraft and still in progress of making it look good

The pants are almost done as well! Just a waist band and another set of frills on the bottom and they are good to go surprisingly lol

Just snowball which is the next biggest thing to do really and mei will be complete omg lol

21st October 2017: Blaster complete The one item I thought I wouldn't have is now the first item complete lol
I'm really happy with how this turned out considering I've had 2 weeks to make the whole outfit!

Yay for blaster!!!!

19th October 2017: Bow of doom Here we have my bow of doom. I made work harder for myself by deciding to gem it up instead of working on the actual outfit as Well lol. But it does look pretty now it's blinked up lol.

19th October 2017: Almost done The blaster is almost done! I've added lights and such and pretty happy! Just afew things to do to it and it will be ready!

18th October 2017: Blaster It's almost there! Last batch to go then I can get it ready!!!!

18th October 2017: Blaster wip More of the blaster have been printed! Hopefully should be done tomorrow

17th October 2017: Snowball With this being the luna version I had to write Chinese on Snowball! Doesn't look too bad I think lol

17th October 2017: Snowball! Been working on Snowball today and he's coming along nicely!

15th October 2017: Blaster progress Got some update on my blaster and my handle is almost done. It's making me excited already!

I also have started my snowball and worked on afew other things. Need my fabrics to turn up so much

15th October 2017: The blaster Thanks to the world of the internet I bought the 3d render rights to meis blaster and have someone printing it as I don't have a printer (yet...)

Now this should take 2 days to make the bulk of it and then there's the sanding and painting and lights and (hopefully.... smoke!)

I hope my way works to make a smoke/dicey effect coming from the blaster but we shall see!

13th October 2017: The 2 week journey begins! So today I looked at an advert talking about October expo and I thought hey we could make Sunday expo but what would I wear?

Then a wave hit me to make an over watch cosplay and here we are landing on lunar mei with lots of things to do and little time ahhh

Delusional avatar

Delusional - 26th October 2017
I can't believe you've managed to pull this off in 2 weeks, it's looking fantastic & I love your Snowball <3 Hope I get to spot you at MCM!

Darkiekun avatar

Darkiekun - 26th October 2017
Thank you so much hun! Still alittle bit more to go but I'm so happy I've almost done it! Hope to see you too!!!

Mighty Odango avatar

Mighty Odango - 2nd November 2017
Gorgeous work!