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This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

11th October 2017: Cosplay Archive (Pre-2017) Dates are the first time I wore them to a convention and do not include rewears and repairs; though notes may be left beside cosplays where the date of first wearing may be ambiguous. This also doesn’t count commissions, things I made for friends or any student/semi-professional theatrical costuming work that I did between 2008 and 2014; just cosplays I made or bought for myself to wear.


1. Nursery School Costume Contest, 1991 or 1992:
Minnie Mouse (Disney’s House of Mouse). This is the first non-generic character costume I did and that I made anything for myself – an egg-box nose and ribbon tail. I would have been about 3 maybe?
2. General Dressing Up & School No Uniform Days/World Book Days/Halloween Parties, 1995-2000:
Hikari “Kari” Kamiya (Digimon), Holly (Monster Rancher), Minnie the Minx (The Beano), Polyester (Samurai Pizza Cats), I’m pretty sure I was a Power Ranger and a Ninja Turtle at some point too, also a roller-skating Dalek. There’s probably more, this is just what I can remember wearing and “making” that wasn’t a generic Fairy/Demon/Nativity Costume/Witch/Vampire, etc.
3. Pokémon “Shows”, 1998-2000:
Pretty Much Every Generation 1 Female Character, plus some Pokémon (Pokémon). This was a thing my cousins, brother and I did which mainly consisted of singing along to the Team Rocket Song and making our adult relatives listen to it.
4. Halloween, 2004 or 2005: Link, Kid Link (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) and I did some sort of OC Sailor Scout, Sailor Sun (Sailor Moon) for something during this time period, or maybe 2003?


1. Keroberos/Kero (Cardcaptor Sakura) *This was my First OFFICIAL Cosplay the year I began considering myself a Cosplayer!*
2. Ariel, “Shipwrecked” (Disney’s The Little Mermaid)
3. Michiru Kaiou/Sailor Neptune, 1950’s Party Style (Sailor Moon)
4. Alice, Elegant Gothic Aristocrat/EGA/Neo-Victorian Style (Alice: Through the Looking Glass)
5. Minx, Episode 55: The Stingers Hit the Town Part 2 (Jem & the Holograms)


1. Soubi Agatsuma (Loveless)
2. Momiji Souma, Manga/Blue Bunny Hoodie (Fruits Basket)
3. Ariel, Mermaid (Disney’s The Little Mermaid) – Started in 2006, but not completed until 2007
4. James, Team Rocket Uniform (Pokémon)
5. Shuichi Shindo, Manga/Artbook Casual Striped Shirt (Gravitation)
6. Nymphadora Tonks, Book/Weird Sisters Tee (Harry Potter)
7. Princess Ai, Manga (Princess Ai)


1. The Brave Little Toaster (Disney’s The Brave Little Toaster)
2. Bob Fossil, No Trousers Version/The Book of Boosh Promo Image (The Mighty Boosh: Zooniverse)
3. Mr. Rabbit, Neo Victorian/Steampunk Style (Alice in Wonderland)
4. Tohru Honda, Pink Sweater (Fruits Basket)
5. Pumpkin Pai & Miss Estelle, Lolita/All Hallows’ High Uniform (OC)
6. Michiru Kaiou/Sailor Neptune, Black Lace Artbook (Sailor Moon)
7. Lisa Garland (Silent Hill 3)


1. Hagumi Hanamoto, Manga/Artbook (Honey & Clover)
2. Peter Pan (Disney’s Peter Pan)
3. Shin, Dungarees/Human Disguise (Pretear)
4. Rhodopis, Steampunk Automaton/A Gentleman’s Adventures (OC)
5. Wanda Venus Fairywinkle (Fairly Odd Parents)
6. Marik Ishtar (Yu-gi-oh!)
7. Sebastian Michaelis (Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler)
8. Lisa Garland, Dying (Silent Hill 3)
9. Luna Lovegood, Bill & Fleur’s Wedding/Yellow Robes/Book (Harry Potter)
10. Draco Malfoy, Book (Harry Potter)
11. Lightning Lass/Light Lass/Spark, Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds (DC’s Legion of Superheroes)
12. Poison Ivy, TAS/Bruce Timm (DC’s Batman/Gotham Girls)
13. Shiki (Togainu No Chi)


1. Blink, X-Force/Earth 616 (Marvel’s X-Men)
2. Robin, Teen Titans (DC’s Batman/Teen Titans)
3. Witch (Left 4 Dead 2)
4. Mytho, Practice Uniform (Princess Tutu)
5. Mytho, “Pantsless Prince” (Princess Tutu)
6. Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver, House of M Cover (Marvel’s X-Men: House of M)
7. Hana (Hana is Not a Boy’s Name)
8. Noodle, Cyborg (The Gorrillaz)
9. Ivan, The Apprentice (Oglaf)


1. Erik Lensherr/Magneto, X-Suit (X-Men: First Class)
2. Lady Devimon (Digimon)
3. Scanty, Uniform (Gainax’s Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt)
4. Rin, Matryoshka (Vocaloid)
5. Rin, Halloween Meltic Dream (Vocaloid)
6. Rin, Love Coloured Ward (Vocaloid)


1. Team Rocket Grunt (Pokémon)
2. Shizuka Marikawa (Highschool of the Dead)
3. John Egbert (MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck)
4. John Egbert, White Suit (MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck)
5. Jake English (MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck)
6. Neophite Redglare (MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck)
7. Sollux Captor (MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck)
8. Marcline The Vampire Queen (Adventure Time)
9. Lady Loki, Inspired by MCU/Avengers Assemble (Marvel’s Avengers/Thor)
10. Lady Loki, Hipster (Marvel’s Avengers/Thor)
11. Ivan, Rubbish Tiger (Oglaf)


1. Tomoyo Daidoujou/Madison, Gym/PE Uniform (Cardcaptor Sakura)
2. Beauty Yu/Yu Meiren, Fury Form (Dynasty Warriors: Shin Sangoku Musou Multi Raid 2)
3. Rose Lalonde, Black Squid (MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck)
4. Roxy Lalonde (MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck)
5. John Egbert, Fem! Trickster (MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck)
6. Mrs. Hudson, A Scandal in Belgravia (BBC’s Sherlock)
7. Pepper Potts, Casual Stark Employee (Marvels’ Avengers/Iron Man)
8. Drizella Tremaine, Goon (Skirtzzz’s Disney Dress-Spheres Fanart)
9. Puppet Nurse, Green/Brunette (Silent Hill)
10. Briefs, Fem! (Gainax’s Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt)
11. Briefs, Fem! PE/Gym Uniform (Gainax’s Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt)
12. Kiki, Witch/Movie (Studio Ghibli/Kiki’s Delivery Service)


1. Rose Lalonde (MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck)
2. Her Imperious Condescension/Condesce (MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck) – Begun in 2012, but not completed until 2014
3. Uinen Lady of the Sea (Tolkien’s The Silmarillion)
4. Pepper Potts, MCU/Avengers Assemble (Marvels’ Avengers/Iron Man)
5. Polaris, Green Power (Marvel’s X-men)
6. Lum Invader, PE/Gym Uniform (Urusei Yatsura)
7. Michiru Kaiou/Sailor Neptune, 90’s Goth Casual (Sailor Moon)
8. Tank Girl (Tank Girl)
9. Dancing Girl, Red/FFIV (Final Fantasy)


1. Darcy Lewis, MCU/Thor (Marvel’s Avengers/Thor) – Made in 2014, but Unworn until 2015
2. Natasha Romanoff/Natalia Romanov, Miami Fanart by Sairobi (Marvel’s Black Widow/Avengers)
3. Nina Ninotchka, Black Widow (Marvel’s Black Widow/Avengers)
4. J.A.R.V.I.S, Human (Marvel’s Iron Man/Avengers)
5. Video Killed the Radio Star, Cardboard TV Head (Just Dance 3)
6. Zatanna Zatara (DC’s Zatanna/Gotham Girls)


1. Natasha Romanoff/Natalia Romanov, Red Room Academy Ballet Practice Uniform (Marvel’s Black Widow/Avengers)
2. James/Kojiro, Beauty & The Beach Bikini (Pokémon)
3. Chel (Dreamworks’ The Road to El Dorado)
4. Harley Quinn, Mad Love (DC’s Batman/Gotham Girls)

10th October 2017: Event Archive (2014-2016) 2014

1. DeeCon (4th April 2014)
[With Blood/Sugar Cosplay - Stallholder]
- DUSA, Dundee, Scotland, UK

2. Planet Folkestone’s Geekfest (10th May 2014)
[With Tolkien Cosplayers as Charity Fundraising Helper Elves]
- The Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone, England, UK

This was fun and really more of an excuse to go on holiday to somewhere we'd never been before, and for Zomboi to meet people from Red Dwarf. I liked being an in character helper and would happily do more of this sort of thing in the future.

3. LFCC: London Film & Comic Con (5th-7th July 2014)
[With Blood/Sugar Cosplay - Stallholder]
- Earls Court 2, London, England, UK

It was fine. Showmasters events just aren't for me. Raine and I did a couple after this, but it's just not my thing.

6. MCM Scotland Comic Con (6th-7th September 2014)
- SECC, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Basically, just went because everyone else was and it was an excuse to hang out with friends in cosplay.

7. Auchinawa (14th-16th November 2014)
- Glasgow Marriott Hotel, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Another end of an era.

8. The Big Glasgow Comic Mart: A Series of Fortunate Comic Events Part 1 (6th December 2014)
[With Blood/Sugar Cosplay - Stallholder]
- Walkabout, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

BGCP Marts are not well-run events and this one was a ghost-town. After this and LFCC, it was really the nail in the coffin for doing events as a stallholder for me. It wasn't a good fit as a career and this was the deadline I'd set myself to end test trading and make a decision as to whether it was going to become my full-time job or if I was going to pack it in. I was also doing a very similar thing with my textile design/art work alongside this and just overall it wasn't right for me and wasn't making me either happy or profit. I made myself really ill trying to be self-employed as a trader and it just wasn't worth it. I tried it, I couldn't do it and that's OK; now it was time to move on to something new.



1. VideoGames LIVE Tour (27th March 2015)
- Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

In mirror to the first VGL Glasgow, I went up onstage for the cosplay contest (as a FF Dancing Girl) and really enjoyed the experience even without winning anything, especially as I had given up masquerading for a while due to my deteriorating health; I think I maybe did 3 or 4 between 2010 and 2014?

2. DeeCon (4th April 2015)
- DUSA, Dundee, Scotland, UK

The first DeeCon I did as an attendee. It was really odd not to be behind a stall.

3. Edinburgh Comic Con (11th-12th April 2015)
- Potterow, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

It was fun, but not really my thing. I went to it to see what it was like and to hang out with Angelphie.

4. Fife Lolita Tea Society Meet (27th April 2015)
- Discovery Point & RRS Discovery, Dundee, Scotland, UK

I'd been into Lolita and J-fashion and K-fashion as a teenager and after years of living in bland tees and jeans, thought I'd quite like to revisit it. I'm definitely an Event Lolita and not a Lifestyle one though, but it was nice to go to this and a few other events and see how the scene had changed since I dropped out and meet some lovely people.

5. BHP’s Comic & Toy Fair (14th March 2015)
- Renfield Centre, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

It wasn't really an event, just a nerdy craft fair, which is what I expected. Mainly went because a friend had a stall and I wanted to hang out with them that weekend.

6. KAPOW!!! – Cosplay Burlesque (15th May 2015)
[Performer & Stallholder with Blood/Sugar Cosplay]
- Cult Rock Club, The Classic Grand, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Blood/Sugar were given the option of a stall and we thought it would be a good way to sell some leftover stock. I was also given the opportunity to perform as someone else pulled out at the last minute and I'd applied, but been rejected. I'm not going to talk too much about it here though because I'm very aware that the Burlesque stuff is 18+ and this site is 13+ and you can't age-lock specific posts or costumes, so I'll keep the non-cosplay related stuff to a minimum and won't be listing my burlesque costumes on here (although some of my cosplays may be rigged for burlesque or another performance artform). I did realise from this though that I missed performing and being on stage (having not done any amateur dramatics since I graduated Uni) and went back to college to do Acting and Theatre Performance as an experiment.

7. MARVELESQUE Burlesque & Cabaret Show (30th May 2015)
[Sound Tech & Stallholder with Blood/Sugar Cosplay]
- Kage Nightclub, Dundee, Scotland, UK

This was also just a clearance stall to get rid of deadstock and old cosplays. I ended up Teching the show as a favour for a friend. Again, only mentioned because we did have a stall of sorts.

8. Edinburgh Summer ILD (6th June 2015)
- The Howard, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

9. BHP’s Glasgow Comic Con (3rd-5th July 2015)
- CCA & Renfield Centre, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

I didn't really enjoy it, but someone had recommended the event to me, so I thought it was worth at least trying it. I did a lot of smaller events in Scotland in 2015 since there was no big summer convention as Ayacon had just finished and Amecon ended up cancelled as another event (which failed and was ultimately cancelled anyway) poached the venue and dates; so instead of having to save money for one or two big events, I was able to attend lots of smaller ones. Especially as I was mainly going to cons where I didn't have to pay for accommodation as I could crash at friends' places. I could also afford to do more events because I really wasn't making any cosplays for a while and was mainly re-wearing things I'd made in 2012-2014.

10. Dundee Big Geek Meet (1st August 2015)
- Dundee, Scotland, UK

I went to this because a friend said they were going and I could do it as a day trip and would get to see them. That friend didn't turn up and I was on my own with a load of strangers; I really did not have fun and this sort of poorly planned "let's wander about and hang out in a park or something" meet-up was fine when I was a teenager and had relatively good mobility, but in my mid-20's and needing crutches and there by myself it was really not OK anymore. I went, I saw what it was about, I was not comfortable with the atmosphere (and later found out it was associated with Anime League, which is not something I want to support). It was a mistake, I did the thing, I will not do the thing again.

11. Lolitas: Louise Anne Kennedy Photography Exhibition (10th August – 19th September 2015)
- Fife FOTOSPACE, The Rothes Halls, Glenrothes, Scotland, UK

12. Film & Comic Con Glasgow (22nd-23rd August 2015)
- Braehead Arena, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

It was a Showmasters event, I have learnt through trail and error that, that is not really my thing. I went because I'd never been to a Collectormania and felt I should go at least once. It was fine and it was good fun to hang out with friends there, but I wasn't excited about it.

13. MCM Scotland Comic Con (26th-27th September 2015)
- SECC, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

14. Comic Mart & KAPOW!!! – Cosplay Burlesque (3rd October 2015)
[Performer & Stallholder with Blood/Sugar Cosplay]
- The Britannia Panopticon Music Hall, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

We did the stall at Comic Mart because it was to fundraise for the Panopticon, we were going anyway because I was accepted to perform at Kapow!!! again and it was back to being a sort of bring-and-buy that we do occasionally if we need to have a collective cosplay clear-out.

15. MEGAbytes Cosplay School: Sewing for the terrified! (16th December 2015)
[Co-Host & Workshop Facilitator]
- MEGAbytes, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

I really enjoyed co-hosting this with Madmazda86 (who organised it) and Megabytes is an ace place to hang out when you're in Glasgow. It made me realise that I love teaching people about cosplay and motivated me to start making tutorials and planning to do more panels and workshops at cons once I'm well enough.



1. Raicon (12th March 2016)
- Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

This was the first ever Raicon and we went on a kind of whim and none of us went in cosplay; but we're super glad that we went in the end because Raicon has proven to have the potential to grow into an excellent event with a bit of time and practice at running them. Honestly, it's one that I will always try and make time to attend.

2. DeeCon (9th April 2016)
- DUSA, Dundee, Scotland, UK

So, this was the con that made me realise that crutches weren't cutting it anymore and I was forced to admit that I needed a rollator as my mobility was deteriorating rapidly again, after having levelled out for a short while.

4. KAPOW!!! – Cosplay Burlesque Presents (20th May 2016)
- The Classic Grand, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

I'm only mentioning the Kapow!!! events because they are cosplay related, but not going to go into detail with them on here.

5. Cos-Con & Remnant Kings Cosplay Meet-Up (17th July 2016)
- Remnant Kings, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

It was a cute thing that the Cos-Con team did in advance of their Glasgow event where you got a decent discount on supplies at Remy King's if you went to their meet up. It was also supposed to let people get to know each other before the event; a bit like Cosplay Scotland and Glasgow Anime weree for Auchinawa way back in the day.

6. Amecon (29th-31st July 2016)
- Warkwick Arts Centre, Coventry, England, UK

This was the only event I made costumes for in 2016 and only 1 of 2 where I even wore a cosplay. I was really ill again after pushing myself to do self-employment and go back to college to re-train when that didn't work out; I decided not to return to college as it wasn't right for me and I wasn't well enough to do it. I don't feel like I shouldn't have done Amecon 2016 in the same way that I shouldn't have done Amecon 2012; but it made me take a good, hard look at my priorities re: cosplay and what sorts of events I was attending and the motivation behind going to and making certain things.

7. Cos-Con (13th-14th August 2016)
- Queen Margaret Union, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

I didn't really go with anyone, but I did know people there so I had friends to hang out with; unfortunately due to it being so close to Amecon, most people couldn't afford it too. The only reason I was able to go at all was because the money that normally would have covered my cosplay budget for the year was not used up because I just didn't make very much (and had spent very little of it in 2015 too) and really, apart from Amecon, everything I went to was reasonably cheap to go to because it was mostly day or weekend trips and I could stay with friends and family for them. This was a really fun event and it made me realise that I really enjoy panels and learning about how other people create cosplay.

8. Film & Comic Con Glasgow (20th-21st August 2016)
[With Unicorns & Queens – Stall Staff]
- Braehead Area, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Raine wanted to start up her own shop and I agreed to help out with her first couple of events as an investment as a friend.

9. MCM Scotland Comic Con (24th-25th September 2016)
[Cosplay Contest Judge: Announced as Pudding]
- SECC, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

I was drafted into Glasgow MCM as a last minute replacement judge the week before the event due to an emergency and as a favour to Angelpie and Granny Gertrude. I really enjoyed judging and it made me realise, talking to all the cosplayers who had entered the contest, that I really missed cosplaying and I wanted to get back into it again. I didn't realise how unhappy I'd made myself by not cosplaying, but at the same time, I desperately needed a break for a while to sort out my mental health. I only cosplayed to this at all because I was judging, I had planned to go not in cosplay originally.

10. Raicon Winter (15th October 2016)
[With Unicorns & Queens/Jennifairyw Illustration – Stall Staff]
- Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

This was the second part of my agreement to invest some time, logo design and a bit of spare cash for business cards in my friends' businesses to support them. I did realise though that I absolutely cannot sit behind a stall or work retail for events anymore; which was hard for me to deal with as although I don't feel passionate about it, it was something I could do to be useful and I just can't anymore. This was the last event I did before I spent 6-months housebound by my FND and had to really re-think how I cosplay, attend events and manage my health effectively.

10th October 2017: Event Archive (2010-2013) 2010

1. Cosplay Scotland + Nickelcon 1 & 2 (2006-2010)
- Edinburgh & Glasgow, Scotland, UK

2. D-Con (6th-7th March 2010)
[As Cakepirates - Artist]
- DUSA, Dundee, Scotland, UK

3. Minamicon (16th-18th April 2010)
- Novotel Hotel, Southampton, England, UK

Ah, the year of the volcano, when our flights were cancelled the day of travel and we had to get the train instead! I enjoyed Minamicon and would have gone again if this wasn't the year that I sort-of, almost died a little bit maybe over the summer holidays and cons had to take a back seat to Uni and health concerns for a while...

5. London MCM Expo: May (29th-30th May 2010)
[Totally Cosplay Volunteer Staff]
- ExCel Centre, London, England, UK

6. London MCM Expo: October (29th-31st October 2010)
[Totally Cosplay Volunteer Staff]
- ExCel Centre, London, England, UK

I should not have gone to this convention. It was really, really dangerous of me to go to it, but I didn't know any better and it had already been paid for. I was so ill at this I really don't remember that much of it. I'm pretty sure this is the MCM where I was sad because I sat on a steak pie and we mainly filmed (and then lost because we are bad at cameras) footage of us complaining about the bad queuing system.

7. Auchinawa (19th-21st November 2010)
- Hilton Edinburgh Grosvener, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

By this point I was wearing a spray painting/dust mask in order to be allowed to leave the house, I was seriously ill and absolutely should not have attended this event. Hindsight is 20:20 and I wear glasses though.



1. Ayacon (19th-21st August 2011)
- Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry, England, UK

The only convention I went to in 2011. I was hallucinating on extremely high dosages of steroids and I have no idea how I even managed to be at this. Blood/Sugar Cosplay attempted to take up blogging at this Ayacon and the footage was unusable as a result of it starring me repeating the same story about how the Dirty Duck fed me pasta and chicken off menu; Raine's boob making not one, but several accidental appearances, Zomboi insisting on spinning around in a chair wearing a onesie and proclaiming "I'm a tiger!" and X'amd rolling about the floor laughing at the rest of us. Because it was the only thing Blood/Sugar was doing together in 2011, we went overboard and made like 7 or 8 cosplays each, most of them Vocaloid; for a 3 day event and we spent more time getting changed in/put of costume than actually enjoying the con and we vowed never again to do so many cosplays at once. We also tricked several people into believing that Raine was cosplaying from a legit magical girl anime (she was not) that we had actually made up on the fly. I really should not have gone to this Amecon, but I clearly can't be trusted to make good decisions about my own safety when it comes to the choice: "go to some cons and be much more ill as a result" or "go to no cons at all and be slightly less ill".



1. Dee-Con (7th April 2012)
[With Blood/Sugar Cosplay - Stallholder]
- DUSA, Dundee, Scotland, UK

We mainly did Dee-con this year to do a sort of bring-and-buy stall to find new homes for a lot of our old manga and cosplays as I was still a student at DoJ at this point and had previously doing Dee-con to sell art and crafts I did partly as a hobby and partly as Uni work as I still thought I was going to follow a career path laid out by my degree course, post graduation back then.

2. Nanashi Dansu (11th February 2012)
- The Classic Grand, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

My first attempt at going to a cosplay club-night. It was not for me. I don't like clubbing out of cosplay, so idk why I thought clubbing in cosplay at 14+ event would be better somehow. Nope. I'm going to blame the medication for this poor life choice.

3. Kitacon (13th-15th April 2012)
- Hilton Birmingham Metropole, Birmingham, England, UK

We had an OK time, but, as Kitacon is a party-con, it really wasn't for us. We gave it a go, but collectively, Blood/Sugar Cosplay is not really that into going to another one. We know lots of people who love Kita, it's their favourite con, but we just aren't party con people. You're lucky if we make it to an hour of a party at any con, so a whole con centred around drinking and partying just was never going to be our cup of tea. Also, I probably still shouldn't have been going to cons at all at this point tbh.

4. Amecon (10th-12th August 2012)
- Keele University, Keele, England, UK

I was really still too sick to go to this, but as prior evidence suggests, that wasn't going to stop me doing it anyway and just living with the consequences. I did learn a valuable lesson about wearing seasonally appropriate cosplays from ending up with heat stroke from my full-pleather Lady Loki cosplay in summer and missing all of Saturday evening and part of Sunday as a result of that and a severe allergic reaction... Which I got into trouble from the Dr for not going to hospital with when I got home and admitted to it. Oops... I do know better what to do to manage these issues now thankfully and practice much better self-care these days.



1. Sunnycon 2 (23rd-24th March 2013)
[With Blood/Sugar Cosplay - Stallholder]
- Seaburn Centre, Sunderland, England, UK

Yeah, Sunnycon was not a well-run event, we decided not to go back. This was the year after I graduated from Uni and had been declared unemployable by the Jobcentre, so, desperate for a career of any sort, I started test-trading to see if becoming a self-employed cosplay commissioner was a viable way to support myself (the rest of Blood/Sugar was still using the stalls as part-bring-and-buy and partly doing commissions as a hobby for friends rather than as a job). Unfortunately, it turned out that it was not something I enjoyed doing longer-term, but it was worth trying it and I learned a lot from it.

2. DoJ-Con (13th April 2013)
[With Blood/Sugar Cosplay - Stallholder]
- DUSA, Dundee, Scotland, UK

3. MCM London Comic Con: May (24th-26th May 2013)
- ExCel Centre, London, England, UK

It was really weird to go to an MCM and not help, it was also really overwhelming how much it had grown in the years I'd not gone to one. This was the con that decided it for me that my mobility was deteriorating very rapidly and on the way home I had to buy a walking stick/folding cane as I had collapsed with temporary paralysis at the train station and walking unaided after that was agony. To be fair, I'd probably needed a cane for at least a month before this, I was just being stubborn about admitting that I needed help and not having accepted my disabilities yet. I decided that MCM London wasn't really something I was interested in going to anymore because I felt I'd kind of outgrown that sort of event anyway; it's a lot of money to essentially go to a big shop because I've never been interested in meeting guests, so there's not really anything for me there.

4. Ayacon: Apocalypse (16th-18th August 2013)
- Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry, England, UK

Best con. End of an era. Much sads.

5. DokiDoki Festival (9th November 2013)
[With Blood/Sugar Cosplay - Stallholder]
- Sugden Sports Centre, Manchester, England, UK

We really enjoyed DokiDoki and if we'd taken Blood/Sugar forward as a commissioning business/service, we'd definitely have gone again as traders. We mainly did this as an excuse to do Manchester and go to Affleck's though anyway.

10th October 2017: Event Archive (2006-2009) 2006

1. Glasgow Anime (2006-2008)
- Glasgow, Scotland, UK

This was a monthly meet-up for geeks in Glasgow and was run by some of the people who became Auchinawa's committee, I didn't go every month as I lived several hours away and couldn't afford the travel or days off from part-time jobs. I think I only went to 1 in 2006 which was a sort of pre-Auchinawa: "Hey come meet people in advance so you know at least a few people at Scotland's first anime con." I didn't go to loads of these because I was more focused on going to Cosplay Scotland, but I went to at least 1 or 2 a year between 2006 and 2008.

2. Cosplay Scotland + Nickelcon 1 & 2 (2006-2010)
- Edinburgh & Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Monthly cosplay meet-up in Edinburgh, originally run by Yuka and Nickel. I went to the 2nd ever one which was also a: "hey, get to know some nerds before Auchi so you're not alone at your first con!" thing. I can't remember if I went to more than that in 2006 or not. I went to loads of them over the years as and when I had a weekend free and enough cash saved from babysitting, etc. to pay for public transport; which was not every month, but maybe every 2nd or 3rd month. This is where I originally met most of the people who are now my best friends over a decade on.

3. Auchinawa (30th November – 3rd December 2006)
- Quality Hotel, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Auchinawa was Scotland's first anime con and ran between 2006 and 2014, roughly every 2 years (except in 2012, where they just had a party). Although, technically, I went to a few nerdy events before this (see earlier journal), because this is the first con I went to as a cosplayer, I consider it my first "proper convention". It's certainly the first one where I was trusted to go to it on my own with friends and the first one with a con-badge instead of wristband or hand stamp that I went to. I also somehow got roped into doing the Omake at the last minute, I didn't even know what it was tbh but I ended up in a skit in it.



1. Glasgow Anime (2006-2008)
- Glasgow, Scotland, UK

2. Cosplay Scotland + Nickelcon 1 & 2 (2006-2010)
- Edinburgh & Glasgow, Scotland, UK

3. Amecon (10th-12th August 2007)
- University of Leicester, Leicester, England, UK

Amecon has a special place in my heart because it's the first convention that the core Blood/Sugar Cosplay crew (and chums) went to that we arranged to meet up at and deliberately and specifically planned cosplay groups for (other than Cosplay Scotland meet-ups and accidentally co-ordinating some things for Auchinawa). We did a big Kingdom Hearts group with a lot of other people and a smaller Loveless group with just us because we were terrible teenage Yaoi anime trash at that stage. This was also our first Masquerade which we did as Kingdom Hearts. This was also my first Overs' badge at a con.



1. Glasgow Anime (2006-2008)
- Glasgow, Scotland, UK

2. Cosplay Scotland + Nickelcon 1 & 2 (2006-2010)
- Edinburgh & Glasgow, Scotland, UK

3. VideoGames LIVE Tour (26th June 2008)
- Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

I got up onstage as James from Team Rocket/Pokemon at this. Didn't win anything, but felt very special anyway.

4. Japan Expo (3rd-6th July 2008)
- Paris-Nord Villepinte, Paris, France, Europe

This was my first time going to a convention outside of the UK. I enjoyed it a lot and we did touristy things and went to Disneyland as well which was great.

5. London MCM Expo: October (25th-26th October 2008)
- ExCel Centre, London, England, UK

This was my first MCM event, Angelphie and Ashe got me to perform as part of a Mighty Boosh group and neglected to tell me it was judged (having only done one, non-competitive, masquerade and 2 omakes before this, I had no idea that competitive cosplay was even a thing you could do)... I was very confused by all the questions about my socks. We won Best Performance for my "accurate" IC Bob Fossil dancing. Accidentally entering contests became a bit of a theme for me over the next few years. I also started helping out at the Cosplay Desk every MCM I went to after this until 2010.

6. Auchinawa (14th-16th November 2008)
- Holiday Inn Glasgow Airport, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

So, that whole accidentally competing thing I mentioned above? Yeah, Blood/Sugar Cosplay won a prize for the first (of many) Silent Hill group in the Masquerade. I also started gophering unofficially/officially at all Auchi's from then until 2014; I didn't always bother to sign up and get a gophers' badge, but I still went and helped guard rooms or set up tables, etc. anyway.



1. Cosplay Scotland + Nickelcon 1 & 2 (2006-2010)
- Edinburgh & Glasgow, Scotland, UK

2. D-con (28th February 2009)
[As Cakepirates//Artist]
- DUSA, Dundee, Scotland, UK

This was the first D/Dee/DoJ/Dee-con and my first foray outside of craft fairs of being a stallholder/artist at events. I did every year either by myself or with Blood/Sugar Cosplay between 2009 and 2013 (except 2011 when I was too ill) as an artist/crafter/stallholder.

3. AX: Anime Expo (3rd-6th July)
- Los Angeles Convention Centre, Los Angeles, California, USA

AX was the first time I'd ever been to the USA and it was a real culture shock with how huge an event it was! We did lots of touristy things around Los Angeles and did Disneyland California. We were at the Staples centre days before Michael Jackson's funeral as well which led to a lot of very weird experiences, especially trying to get to the airport on the day of the funeral and part of our group getting a police escort to navigate the crowds.

4. Ayacon: Revolution (14th-16th August 2009)
- Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry, England, UK

Ayacon was my favourite convention ever and I'm sad it had to come to an end. We had a lot of good times at Ayacon over the years.

5. London MCM Expo: October (24th-25th October 2009)
[Totally Cosplay Volunteer Staff]
- ExCel Centre, London, England, UK

10th October 2017: Event Archive (Pre-2006) PRE-2006

1. Star Trek: The Exhibition (4th February 1995)
- City Art Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

My overriding memory of this is my cousins, brother and I getting Geordi La Forge rainbow visors (mine were purple and I think I still have them somewhere) and going into a room with marble walls and floors that had a glass case with a huge model of one of the ships in it (I think it may have been the Enterprise?).

2. Nintendo Pokémon Regional Championships (29th/31st July 2000)
- Buchanan Galleries, Glasgow /OR/ The Gyle Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

I genuinely don't remember which one we went to, I THINK it was the Gyle/Edinburgh/31st as I remember lots of glass like a greenhouse and the place being quite small, but I also associate it with staying at my Gran's which would suggest Glasgow... however, it may be that I'm confusing Christmas in the conservatory and Pickachu plushies with the giant Pikachu mascot in my memory. I went to one of these events though and got a Mew.

3. Gamesday & Golden Demon (14th September 2003)
- NEC, Birmingham, England, UK

This was my first ever contact with cosplay, even though it took me 2 more years to discover what it was called, and it shaped the rest of my life. If I hadn't met the LARPer elves, I'd not have realised that dressing up as a character (your own or a canon one) was something you could do outside of Halloween or charity fundraising no uniform days at school. I wish I could thank those young women for chatting to a small, shy teenager who like to paint space marines in pastels and hack angel wings onto lizardmen skinks with green stuff. I went home after that and made my own secret fairy cape out of old scarves, that nobody ever got to see.

9th October 2017: Motivation I want to keep a record of everything I did, so that I can remember the happy memories attached to events and costumes from this period without being overwhelmed by a large number of photos and costume profiles; as well as not allowing my anxiety to focus on my failures as I was very unwell during all of my teens and twenties and between about 2010 and 2015 I should not have been cosplaying or going to events or working or in education at all, but I am stubborn and I did it anyway. So it's a hard time to look back on mentally for me. I also have short-term memory loss and blank spaces in my memory due to my FND that means keeping lists and notes for myself is vital or I will forget what I want to do or have done or can't remember people's names or which event we met at or when I made a particular costume, or that I did it at all. I'm sure I'll have to go back and add to this later as people remind me of things I have already forgotten, if I've confused my months or years or I come across photos as I sort out my portable hard drive archive and snoop on various event photographer's websites. Like I said in the description - I don't want to erase or hide my first 10+ years of cosplaying, I just want to move forward with the next 10+ years as I continue to learn and grow and change as a person and as a cosplayer; and only really keep the things I'm either really proud of or the mistakes that I learned valuable lessons from. I want to be happy and mentally resilient and this is part of my self-care and self-management rehabillitation. I got told off by my Physio for not taking time to give myself kudos for doing a really good job with recovery, for not rewarding myself enough and for pushing myself too hard to get to the next milestone without stopping first to look back and see how far I had come. Not only does that apply to my rehab neuro-Physiotherapy, but it also applies to my hobbies and (on-hold) career. If I want to be happy then I have to take responsibility for how to achieve that and stop looking for external validation; the validation that matters the most in learning to be happy and enjoy things again after a long period of chronic illness and acceptance of life-long disabled status is internal, that which I give myself. So, if I keep proper records for myself (instead of just throwaway to do lists) and make assessments of what I have learned from making each new costume, figure out what my motivations for doing each project are and know what my process is then I will be able to make better life choices in the future.