Equipment (Equipped Items) - Final Fantasy Series



Equipment, Weapons, Armour, etc. that can be worn by more than one FF character.

[TEMPORARY Icon/Image: Brave Exvius Rainbow Crystal on galaxy, space background.]

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11th October 2017

Red Shoes Reference Board

[Image: White A4 page background. Top right corner: Black ariel text: " Final Fantasy & Associated Images Belong to:", Square Enix (TM) Logo below, then Final Fantasy V logo below. Right Middle and bottom corner: 6 large colour swatches, top 2 glitter, middle 2 fabric (cord/woven) textures, bottom 2 metallic/silk textures. Top/middle Left: greyscale FFV Red Shoes Illustration, dark grey, hollow circle, shoes in front very 1980's style, reminiscent of satin bridal shoes, whith small court heels and pointed toes in mid-grey; the toes and heels are reinforced with something that may be armour or may be leatherwork, they're a little like the heels/toes on socks in white. Bottom left corner: greyscale gradient title box with rounded corner, white caps lock ariel text overlaid: "REFERENCES", below in smaller, black text: "RED SHOES // RUBY SLIPPERS".]

11th October 2017

Rainbow Robes Reference Board

[Image: Portait A4 white page. All Colour swatches are square with rounded corners and any title boxes are rectangular with rounded corners. Text unless otherwise stated is Arial; titles are capitalised.Top left corner, medium rainbow swatch, next to it a small bullseye gradient swatch in pastel pinks/purples, next to that, a rainbow Unit Rarity Star, next to that, 2 small gold swatches, benath that text that reads "Final Fantasy & Associated Images Belong to: " and then the Square Enix (TM) Logo. Middle/Left, The Brave Exvius Style Rainbow Robe which is a pastel, rainbow, hooded jacket with gold trim and a pink/peach pastel aura; this is slighty above and overlaid on a further to the left image of a purple/black galaxy with a Brave Exvius Rainbow Crystal in front of it; next to that are 2 small gradient swatches in sunset tones and beside those is the Brave Exvius Logo. Bottom left corner, Title box in a grayscale gradient overlaid with white text: "REFERENCES", below that in smaller, black text is: "RAINBOW ROBES // PRISM DRESS". Top right corner, Final Fantasy V Logo, underneath is the FFV style Rainbow Dress in greyscale; it also has a hollow dark grey circle and a black rounded-edge bar with light grey katana (I think it could be hiragana, sadly I don't know what this says). The dress itself has a mid-grey Basque/Antebellum bodice with a left-shoulder, asymmetric strap in light grey and a tiered asymmetric skirt in white with three layers hemmed with frills. Below this are 7 small swatches in various shades of silver and holographic/rainbow shimmer. There is a small gap and then in the bottom right corner are a small and the medium swatch in 2 variations of pastel rainbow gradient.]

9th October 2017

To Do List (General)

1. Make list of Equipment I'd like to make 2. Gather references 4. Make mood boards 5. Breakdown each item 6. Repeat process for each item // Muggle Notes (M.N.): separate to do list and breakdowns for each item to follow as and when I make them. //

9th October 2017


Chiefly I want to make Rainbow robes and then wear them as pretty much every Final Fantasy character that I want to cosplay as regardless of whether it's accurate for them to equip them or not. There's also lots of small Weapons, Accessories, Armour and Amulets, etc. that I want to make that can be carried by a variety of characters. In an effort to keep this account relatively manageable, I'm going to try and keep them all in here (until I run out of space) unless I can easily attach them to a specific character.