Koi (Ball) - Original Design


Hibanacon 2017


Something sleek and Koi fish inspired for the ball at Hibana Con.
Inspiration taken from cyber punk and high fashion designs from Balenciaga, Givancci and traditional Japanese kimono- predominantly meiji period.

Amy-Lou posted on 17 November, 2017 - 00:19
Very cool design, so happy I got to see this in person!

Delusional posted on 18 November, 2017 - 12:52
This idea came out so well <3 Can't wait to see your next fashion design!

KuroStylr posted on 18 November, 2017 - 15:24
It's ready to go, struggling with a name though for it.

31st October 2017

Hood you believe It!

More sequin nonsense! This time the inside of the hood. Another area nobody is going to see

31st October 2017

Sequin hell

So I decided to affix sequins to the underside of the sleeves and tail in the dark contrast areas to offer a better effect when they move. Suffice to say the planning and attaching is a pain. With a week or so to go this is going to be a race to finish!

22nd October 2017


Pattern placement is key on fabric. Even if your design is a hodge-podge of different patterns! #kitbashcosplay

9th October 2017

Patterning stage 2

Most of the patterning is now complete! Thank god for square pattern paper! This stuff is literally the best for making advice designs on from my pattern blocks. A few more adjustments and then it's toile time!

8th October 2017

Patterning stage

Loads to do in order to get this done for Hibana Con. The costume has gone through several revisions but has had a few inspirations taken from high fashion and traditional Japanese kimono design. Very rudimentary design attached. Fabrics will include: Velvet Printed scale Pleather Gunmetal Sequins

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