Kiki (Artbook) - Studio Ghibli: Kiki's Delivery Service


[TEMPORARY Icon/Image: Watercolour artbook image of Kiki in her bedroom looking in a mirror holding a broom.]

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29th October 2018
29th October 2018
Bind Bristles with String
29th October 2018
Glue String to Connectors & Attach
29th October 2018
Change Ferrule
29th October 2018
Glue & Cut Bristles to Base Broom

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24th August 2017

LSCC 2017

The bulk of this cosplay was completed throughout July and August 2017, only props like the broom were not done in time. I learned a lot from making this and had to relearn a lot of things that appear simple or that someone with 10+ years of cosplay making experience should have known, but due to my FND flare, I hand to retrain my mucle memory and spent a lot of time having to figure out how to work with the cog-fog. [Image: Photo by Donald Manning Photography at LSCC 2017. Billie is wearing a navy cotton drill/corduroy tunic dress over a white linen slip which is visible on one shoulder. She has on a brown bob wig and a red silk hairbow, as well as a tan cross-body waxed cotton messenger bag. There is a black cat Jiji plush perched on one wrist which she holds into her body and is stroking with the other hand. Billie looks surprised, blue eyes wide and skin pale.

1st August 2017


Kiki's Delivery Service is my favourite Studio Ghibli film and Kiki is one of my favourite characters. I did a quick, closet Cosplay version several years ago when that was all I could afford and it's been my dream to make Kiki from scratch even before that. I also want to make the movie (purple witch dress and muggle green dress) variants at some point in the future and will deffinately add new props and different coloured hair bows and shoes with rewears. I love Kiki, I love dressing up as her and I'm really excited to make one of my dream costumes. [Image: Billie is standing in a sports hall next to a stall and in front of someone in a blue Stitch onesie wearing an oversized navy tshirt which has been darted, a brown bob wig, red cotton hairbow, beige leggings and red ballet flat shoes. She has one hand up to her face and the other curled into the opposite shoulder. She is not wearing nay makeup and her face is pasty and shiny.]

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