Summer Smith
Rick and Morty

Cosplayer: BillieBlouse

Status: Planned

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

9th October 2017: To Do List 1. Gather character reference images
2. Make character mood board
3. Breakdown costume elements
4. Purchase closet costume parts
5. Decide on which prop to make (Space Gun or Portal Gun or Both)
6. Reference weaponry
7. Mood board weaponry
8. Breakdown prop elements
9. Purchase materials for props
10. Purchase phone cover and heart stickers
11. Stick sticker to phone case
12. Pre-wash and iron clothing
13. Remove any labels from clothing
14. Polish shoes
15. Acquire or make appropriate cosplay underwear
16. Style wig
17. Make-up test
18. Make prop(s)

8th October 2017: Motivation I've liked Rick and Morty for a while, but wasn't sure who I wanted to cosplay from it (if anyone) until near the end of season 2 - start of season 3 when Summer really came into her own as a strong character. I might do a couple of variants and/or add new props with rewears, but I'm going to start with basic/classic Summer for now. If I love cosplaying her then I'll put more time/money/effort/love into one of her more complicated designs and if I don't then I can easily wear the clothes irl and repurpose the wig for something else.