Enrico Maxwell (Museum visit outfit.) - Hellsing Ultimate


Maxwell is potentially one of the most relatable villains out there, which is probably why he is so odious to many. In my opinion, it is not wholly right to classify him as a villain, but rather as a very scared man. I feel for him so much! And my headcanon is that he is a great drama queen, so I reckon it will be a blast to cosplay as. I expect the vest to be a little more difficult as the collar needs to be altered to fit a clerical collar, and as it involves a bit of patience with all the golden hemming and buttons. I'm planning to take Maxwell to MCM London October 2017.

- White button-up shirt; I cut the collar off to allow for a clerical collar to be inserted in the vest.
- Deep purple twill vest, with fancy gold buttons and gold satin bias tape.
- Deep purple twill trousers, formal cut.
- Black brogue shoes.
- White gloves. I am drawing the cross pattern on them with a special grey marker.

- Primer.
- Ivory foundation.
- Minimal black eyeliner.
- Grey-ish pace paint to dab my eyebrows and lashes with.
- Nude colour eyeshadow.
- Eyeshadow brush, sponges.

- Mid-length silver wig, styled to look a little wavy at the tips. His hair seems to change length with each episode or in each panel, so I settled for the length that appears when he is first introduced. I am also giving him a little side bang, as I was unable to find a lace-front wig to wholly tie the hair back!
- Gold band hair clip.
- Silver cross, hanging off a long chain.
- Deep purple contact lenses.

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10th October 2017


Finally all the materials are here!

1st October 2017


All materials have been ordered and are en route to my flat! Really excited to be cosplaying as Enrico. He's Italian, so I'll finally be able to A) cosplay as a compatriot (I'm originally from Rome!), B) Make use of a strong Italian accent I don't usually have, C) Actually be able to keep my glasses on as part of the cosplay lol.

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