Sans - Undertale


I really like Sans as a character: his psychological complexity is fantastic, and his proclivity toward puns is really congenial to me lol. The hardest part was the face paint, as it required a lot of time, patience, and precision. But once it was all complete, wow. People loved it, younger kids and adults alike.

- Blue hoodie, hood lined in white faux fur.
- Simple white t-shirt.
- Black knee-length trousers with a white stripe on both legs' outer sides.
- Skeleton gloves.
- Skeleton tights.
- White coronus contact lenses.

- A hecktonne of black and white face paint (I use snazaroo).
- Primer.
- Black eyeshadow (for shading and adding 3-dimensionality).
- White pressed powder.
- Make-up fixer spray.
- Eyeshadow brushes, powder brush, sponges.

- A bottle of ketchup.
- Long red scarf (for a genocide route variant).

Amy-Lou posted on 11 October, 2017 - 12:16
Brilliant Sans! The facepaint is so good.

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