Link (Champion's Tunic) - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


This is one of my favourite Zelda games, I'm still playing my way through it and Link has been on my plans for a while, it's about time I got around to actually making him XD

Amy-Lou posted on 4 November, 2017 - 09:19
Wonderful costume!

24th October 2017

Sheikah Slate Complete

Finished photos of the Sheikah slate, made from EVA foam, worbla with LEDS inside :)

15th October 2017

Traveller's Bow connected

Here's what the bow looks like when both pieces are connected and the smaller details added. The bow is around 4ft in height

15th October 2017

Traveller's Bow W.I.P

W.I.P photos of the Traveller's bow, I made this bow in two pieces that screw together for travel, the base of the bow is made from EVA foam, thick steel wire at it's core and worbla :) it is then filled to smooth out the bumps and primed with wood glue. I have photos of each stage that I will upload together in a mini-tutorial style!

6th October 2017

Embroidery progress on arm cuffs

I made four of these as another pair was a commission :) I cut them out of cream, basket weave fabric that I interfaced, folded and stitched into place, then embroidered the design onto each strip. It took a while but the result was worth it I think~

5th October 2017

Champion's tunic complete

The finished photos of the champion's tunic. I lined it with anti static lining and added some eyelets into the front for the smaller details. I made two of these, mine I completed a while ago and another was a recent commission

4th October 2017

Tunic progress

Progress shots of the Champion's tunic, here we have the sleeves and front piece. Fabric used was sky blue cotton drill, I made stencils using white heat transfer vinyl to create the details, cut them out and ironed them onto the costume. This was a fairly long process but I'm very happy with the result! I was originally going to use bias binding or paint but I wasn't happy with the test pieces of it.

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