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11th October 2017

Jacket wip

I finally had the guts to cut into my £20 a meter 100% wool fabric ahhh But here's a wip. The dummy is currently not on the right size I'm to lazy lol But the outside is ready to go and now I need to do afew size adjustments before doing the sleeves and lining and all details

8th October 2017

Making the jacket pattern

With my partners help we make the pattern for the jacket. We used the good old cling film and tape route!

4th October 2017

Corset details

I'm really happy with how the corset turned out. I've started to hand glue black rhinestones to the corset for a jazzy look. I also hand see the silver rope around the edges of the corset.

2nd October 2017


Buying fabrics ended up costly but we found almost everything we needed!

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