Miku hatsune

Cosplayer: Sera-eclipse

Variant: motorbike version

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

28th October 2012: Hatune Miku - Trial Run. Okay so I attended London MCM expo this weekend (in England) and trial ran this cosplay.
Now a LOT of things went wrong in the week leading up to expo when it came to this cosplay. My sleeves didn't turn up, i couldn't afford some of my accessories and i lost my leek. On top of that AT the photoshoot booth, my wig came off so i had to put it on in a hurry.

Regardless of that i LOVED wearing this cosplay and its top priority at the next expo i attend to finish this cosplay off and make it perfect :)

Side note: My headphones are gorgeous up close, they have diamonds on them :)