Cersei Lannister (Season 6 Coronation Dress) - Game of Thrones


I've wanted to make this dress for a while now, but could never find the right fabric. Thankfully you can find the top layer fabric on Etsy that someone has kindly made! This was whipped up pretty quickly and was overall pretty expensive due to needing 2 different fabrics, and I had to pay extra for fast overseas shipping. But I'm happy overall and will be wearing this costume a lot!

Amy-Lou posted on 26 October, 2017 - 16:39
Brilliant idea layering the fabrics, very cool costume!

30th October 2017

Finished look.

Mirror selfie on the Saturday morning of mcm! (Bonus sunglasses and swag) I love wearing Cersei to events because people love to hate me haha the amount of 'shame' and 'tell Cersei it was me' comments were great. I struggle to stay in character because I'm always laughing as Cersei XD

25th October 2017


...but still waiting on wig (which did eventually turn up!)

24th October 2017

Finished dress

It's quite messily thrown together but I'm happy. Managed to start and finish in a short amount of time, which is very unlike me lol.

23rd October 2017

Finished armour

The difference a bit of weathering makes. These aren't screen accurate I know, but when do I ever make anything screen accurate lol

22nd October 2017

Shoulders and crown

Made from foam and worbla, painted with silver rub n buff and acrylics :)

21st October 2017

Cutting pieces

I decided on the Herringbone fabric for the under layer of the dress. I laid out both fabrics on top of each other so I could cut them at the same time, and used the pattern pieces from the test dress to cut around.

19th October 2017

Fabric and odd parts

I've made some foam + worbla pauldrens and a worbla crown. Just waiting on the wood glue coat to dry before I paint them. I'm only using one coat as I think the rough worbla texture looks good for this armour. The top fabric (faux leather with laser cut holes) is from Etsy, and the underneath layer i'm still deciding between 2 different textures, as shown in the photo. I've also ordered a long petticoat to go under the dress to add the desired volume :) Wig is on its way from Arda wigs, I hope it gets here on time!

2nd October 2017


Now begins the hell of trying to modify a pattern for this beast of a dress. I'll be using a cheap cotton to make a test version of the dress, and to see how much fabric I will need overall. I have found a good fabric on etsy for the top layer of the dress, but am still searching for a good black+white patterned fabric for the underneath part. I will also need some sort of petticoat for this to. As for the crown and pauldrens, I think they will be quite simple with a bit of foam and worbla work!

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