Hyrule Warriors

Cosplayer: TheStarlightFairy

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

1st November 2017: Basket I wanted to make the basket completely from scratch due to its bizarre size and shape, but unfortunately time and my own body were against me (RSI/muscle tension is a literal pain)
Sooo I bought a round hanging basket on sale at the garden centre, smushed it into shape and painted it with wall paint to get the base. The bug cover is scrap white scuba, with purple scuba designs top-stitched onto it. The blanket is linen, with purple ribbon sewn to it, and lace stitched around the edge.
The strap is buckram covered in brown canvas and wide blue ribbon. It threads through the top of the basket and the blanket (IKR IT'S WEIRD AND BIZARRE?) and is heavily stitched in place. The stitching is covered by the buckles which are made from craft foam and black worbla and painted gold.

31st October 2017: A bit of a fixer - upper SO by some miracle I finished the thing! But it was very rushed and so I want to fix up a few things before wearing her again c:

-make a new bigger skirt butterfly so they're more proportional to the skirt (keeping the two larger ones but moving them up)
-unpick and either re-sew or replace the crinkle trim on the skirt, and fray-check the suede caterpillars
-add wefts or clip-ons to the wig for more fluff, it looked a bit sad
-tack the upper and lower wings together so they don't swing about so much
-take up the dark over skirt as it's a bit too long

I'm so happy with this costume though, these are just little things that bother me as I didnt have the time to do them c:

24th October 2017: Bodice/overdress A WILD ADVENTURE
I made this with the same pattern I used for Trucy. I did the main bodice in aqua scuba, painted with fabric paint, and the top piece and half-circle skirt in a lovely satin georgette mix I found on clearance. The wrong side was PERFECT for what I needed! The dots are all sewn-on gems, and I measured each scallop so it would be even, and fray-checked the edges before painting the borders on.
On the back there are boning channels to help support the wings which will be slotted in by the zip

19th October 2017: Bugs A small bug army is in the making!

I've made a variety of different bugs with craft foam for the jewellery and have had so much fun with this <3
Each bug has a little worbla shell, and has thick wire running through so I can connect them. They're painted with nail polish for shiny glory and slight iridescence <3

12th October 2017: Parasol I covered an old umbrella in hessian and canvas for this. Annoyingly no umbrellas in the right shape had 10 spokes so I've had to just cope with it being 8 ;__; For the lace, I bought some beautiful pink lace and carefully dyed part of it purple. The other option was to sew 2 laces together and yeah, stuff that.
The designs on the canvas were painted freehand with white fabric paint. The 'frame' is black Worbla painted gold. It went a bit wibbly in some parts so if there's time I'll redo those bits.

For the handle, I cut off the curved section of the orginal handle and built a new one with craft foam, and covered that in more black Worbla. I'm in the process of priming it but I'm happy with how it looks!

If I have time, I'm going to glue some pretty lace into the underside of the umbrella. The fabric choices make it too heavy to do double-sided, but some nice lightweight lace to cover up the interior will do the trick!

9th October 2017: Shirt Made from cream georgette chiffon layered over pale pink cotton. I combined several patterns for it,and interfaced the sleeves and collar. The collar was a nightmare as it's gathered but rigid? I ended up gathering chiffon and attaching it to a straight piece of cotton. I'm not completely happy but it looks enough the part!

The detail on the sleeves is a strip of black cotton with iridescent square gems sewn around. I chose to use these as they're reminiscent of bug shells, and give the shirt a princess-y touch! A princess of the bug kingdom must look the part after all!

7th October 2017: Head dress I should probably update this as I go!
I started this costume by throwing together the head dress, which I made with duchess satin and a printed cotton lining (THEMED LINING) I sandwiched thick wadding in between these fabrics and carefully measured out squares, which I backstitched through to create the quilted effect. On each intersection I sewed a small gem. I then went around the edges with a satin bias binding c:

The straps still need to be done, and I need to finish the bugs, but otherwise I'm so happy!

J-Po avatar

J-Po - 8th October 2017
Show me pretty pics XD cant wait to see

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Amy-Lou - 1st November 2017
Oh my gosh, this is so cute!