Allen Walker (Third Uniform) - D.Gray-man


For Amecon 2018

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1st October 2017

Project Start!

A little while ago a friend gave me her Kanda cosplay coat because she didn't want it anymore. As much as I adore Kanda and have always wanted to cosplay him, I can't wear ponytail wigs because of reasons, so sadly I can't use it for him. Rather than let the coat sit around and staring at it sadly, I've decided instead to combine it with my Allen cosplay stuff and modify it to work for him! I'm hoping to wear it for London October MCM 2017. To do list: - Modify the coat (e.g. resize it, shorten it, adjust some detailing) - Modify the belt (e.g. resize it, adjust some detailing) - New gloves - Boot covers/detailing Optional: - Upgrade the wig/add more wefts where it's thinned a bit Already have: - Wig - Face paint - Innocence arm (optional since it'll be covered by the coat) - Trousers - Base boots

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