Nagito Komaeda - Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair


First worn to West Quay Con (April 2017). Originally cosplayed his DR2 version, but have also made Komaeda's robot arm from the DR3 Hope Arc.

West Quay Con (April 2017 - DR2)
Minamincon 24 (March 2018 - DR3)
Somerset Comic Con and Gaming Festival (October 2018 - DR2)

Cosplay Meets:
April 2018

The robot arm was made of craft foam, which was painted and then attached with fabric glue to a glove. Unfortunately, the prop didn't survive it's trip to Minamicon 24 (it survived about half a day).

Nesproxy posted on 22 January, 2018 - 20:38
Such a good Komaeda!

GeekyGee posted on 22 January, 2018 - 21:06
Thank you!

ShadowofShinra posted on 23 January, 2018 - 11:02
Aaah you suit him so well! Can't wait to see.

GeekyGee posted on 8 February, 2018 - 13:10
Thank you :D

1st March 2018

Robot Arm Complete

I did a terrible job of updating on here haha. The arm is now finished and ready for Minamicon next week.

22nd January 2018

Robot Arm Progress

Started work on Komaeda's robot arm earlier this month; unfortunately came to bit of a stand still when I found we didn't have any fabric glue, but have picked some up so hoping to continue it soon! These pieces will be attached to a black glove. After that I have the arm piece and some inner hand pieces left to do.

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