Korra (Season 4) - Legend of Korra


Hibanacon 2017


<3 Korra, and loved her slight outfit changes for season 4. Mostly love the fact that shorter hair means I don't have to do that ponytail :P

Amy-Lou posted on 15 November, 2017 - 18:21
Great Korra! Love the fighting photos :D

15th November 2017

Version 1 done for Hibana!

So I mucked up the wig getting it even, so it ended up too short - but luckily Coscraft have their new range in which is perfect for her~ Also need to sort out how the belt/skirt is sitting, as it's pulling a bit in photos. The collar annoys me no end - I might stick it to my neck next time!

5th November 2017


Modified the boots so they are a bit better - I'll hunt better bases and make covers for the next wear, but these will do for Hibana!

25th October 2017

Bottom half basically done

Trim finally arrived so I've added that, made the blue belt on top and the weird flap she has underneath. Also added cuffs to the bottom of the trousers so they gather nicer. Belt buckle is a paper placeholder as the proper one is drying. These are backup boots - I think I'm gonna have to make boot covers, though depending on time before Hibana I might just add the straps and be done for the first wear~

8th October 2017

Half way there...ish

So this weekend I got the trousers & the base of the arm sleeves done, and started the brown skirt thing she has. Now waiting on the fur trim & elastic so I can carry on. Pretty much figured out the pattern for the top, but eh..procrastination :D

7th October 2017

It starts!

Okay, all fabric got apart from the fur! I've faffed enough trying to get the right colours but I think I'm having to settle else I'll never get on with it.. time to sew! Also major props to past-Kat who for some reason bought some stretch white bias! Perfect for what I need~

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