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9th October 2017

General update - Magnus

I was going to try and wear this cosplay to a local con despite that it is far from finished so I crunched for a night and it is going well now. I found a large plastic goldfish that I knew I owned and he has been placed in his ball provisionally. I want to make it look like there is some kind of water inside of the ball somehow but I am undecided regarding how to do that so far. Once I make the "water" I will glue the ball shut that the top and paint that part silver or bronze so that it looks like it has been soldered to a loop to attach him to my belt. The belt is okay, I have found a plain black leather belt that fits me well and that I can glue the defenders buckle to. I have cut out the circle of chipboard that I will use as a base but I have done no further prep. I need to add a rim using hot glue, cut out symbols for each lightning, ice and fire, glue those on and then paint flat black, spray silver and add colour tints/further details. I think my trousers are just a little too long so I am considering cropping them to just above my knee. I need to decide on boots. I might just wear my non-yellow-stitching Doc Martens because they have brown laces and will be quite in-decorum. I need to figure out how to strap my pauldron onto my body, but the construction, painting and finishing are all complete on that piece other than the strap. I basecoated Railsplitter with all over silver and have begun (and made good progress on) the red detail. I was absentminded when I first applied the red and now the patterns do not match from side to side but I am unsure whether it is worth covering and repainting... I will think about this more and then decide. All is well! Onwards!

29th September 2017

Railsplitter Construction

I put the last few pieces into place with the basic structure of my Railsplitter axe. The head now just needs a good few coats of silver spray paint and then I can decide if I am definitely going to add in classic red woodcutter paint on the axe or not. I have the idea that was inspired by a piece of fanart to paint the red but leave streaks across the axe like tree branches. The piece of art kept the whole head silver but had it engraved but I think the red will help tie the colour scheme together as I see Magnus as a very red character.

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