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9th October 2017

General update

My wig has arrived and I tried it on with my ears - Looking good! I have hemmed my cape and began to pin on the edging detail, but am yet to hem the bottom of my cloak. I have painted the staff and glued on the handle but it needs to be secured with epoxy putty. I also bought fishnets and glittery tights at last so both of those are options. I have bought some more heels that I may wear instead of my go-go boots. I have glued the mats that I am using as a hat-brim base together and have measured my head ready for wizard hat making. All is well, can't wait to finish and wear this cosplay!

29th September 2017


Today I worked on making the Umbrastaff. I modelled the point using Milliput putty, painted the main body, glued the black lace to the edges (half of the edges - I didn't have enough lace and I might alternate between black plain lace and this gorgeous fuschia love-heart lace), and decided what to do re: a closure and a handle wrapping. It looks good so far, I would show progress but I took them after the first steps of glueing this morning so there has been much progress since.

13th September 2017

IPRE Patch

Currently hand-embroidering the IPRE Patch. Not coming out too good, but I have time and supplies to make another so it is no bother.

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