Daruma - Beatmania DXII




Well the DJs of Bemani were incredible designs and Goli Matsumoto quickly became one of my favourite artists!
I chose one of the lesser cosplayed DJs.
The costumes have this kind of cyber-esque quality (well the guy's costumes do) which I wanted to reflect when I chose the based fabric!
I found this thin, slightly stretchy and slightly shiny black fabric, which behaved like a thick fabric and used this as the base for the pants and top.
The vest is orange PVC stuffed with plushie stuffing, so in effect It was quilted. The base of the trouser legs were craft foam covered in orange PVC. This contributed to the open shape of the trousers ends when I sat down. Details were yellow or orange PVC sewn in place. The silver squares were craft foam covere in silver PVC!
Hood was made from double layer of apple green PVC with white bias. Held to the back of the neck with snaps.
Least favourite part of the costume which will have to be remade was the trainers, as I didn't have a good enough reference at the time. They were just average grey trainers with craft foam additions.
The helm is something that I can't remember how I made...LoL....it involved card, craft foam, orange and black vinyl, elastic and some fluorescent yellow Fimo (shaped using a toy egg thing).
There is also a back guard similar to the vest, but I've removed that due to it looking awkward and is mightily uncomfortable.


Tak posted on 10 November, 2007 - 20:48
There is green on this! GREEN PHASE! ;P Let's Bemani together...gosh that sounds a bit romantic.