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Couldn't find Insomnia 61 in the convention option, so I put it down as none. I probably put the most hard work and effort into this one, as the outfit was customised to the characters unique outfit. For starters, I cut and styled the wig to my personal preference for this one. Then we just have some headphones for the character, at the convention, I just had them dangling around my neck. The t-shirt was originally just a plain blue shirt, with white ends around it. I spent a while on this part. I measured out how big I wanted my template to be for the design on the back, cut it out, outlined it onto the back of the shirt, filled in the design with two acrylic paints, and went over the marker outline once again. Since this was on the back of the shirt, I don't have any pictures of it. But feel free to ask for any progress pictures or some junk. Next on, we have the braces. No, not actual braves that the dentist put into your teeth. I had mine taken out a few months ago. Black braces, black trousers, black shoes. The only colourful things left are the sweatbands. With these, I didn't want them to look chunky as hell by using two seperate sweatbands for each arm. So I got two sweatbands. One for each arm. Since they were two colours, I divided them both in the centre, all the way around until infinity. Using the same paints, previously mentioned, I filled in the blank. Just to tell you, I didn't have a real paintbrush at the time, so this was an awfully slow process. I was using on of the smallest brushes in history, like the ones kids used to use to paint moneyboxes or something. I dunno. Let's just say, that was a painstakingly slow process. That's pretty much it. I enjoyed my time at Insomnia Gaming Festival, it being my second attendance at the event. That's all for now, I hope you guys have a lovely day.~

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