Bill Cipher (Teenage Human) - Gravity Falls


Here we have, my Bill Cipher cosplay. My first cosplay. My big leap into the cosplay community. For reference, I used a post set up on Deviantart by cjwolf207. It took me no joke, AGES, to find all of the correct items/clothing for this one. I usually buy every piece seperately on my cosplays, yet recently I've been crafting some of my outfits. I'll mention that in my Taurtis outfit. In addition, I'll be starting to add makeup into my cosplays. Without further ado, here are the items I used for this outfit. First, we have the blonde wig. Personally, I'm not much of a fan, but it got the job done. White shirt, seperate from the one used for the Once-ler. Not the same shirt guys. The sleeves are also, hella rolled up. Now, a detail nobody could forget, when cosplaying Bill. The bowtie. Bowties are cool. Going on, we have some black trousers. Not jeans, I dunno how to describe them. Sorta lke school trousers. They were originally gonna be white, but I didn't like the look of them. So I went with some other black trousers. They sorta go with the contrast of black and yellow though. Black and yellow, black and yellow. I'll stop rambling now. I had a yellow cotton vest thing which was extremely hard to find, yet classy as hell. We then have the hat, that I actually crafted myself. It was initially made out of cardboard, stuck together with glue. Then I went over it with black felt, and stuck that down over it. Although I couldn't make it magically hover over my head, I used two giant hairclips. I stuck them onto the underneath of the hat. Their I could clip it into the wig. That's all for now. Hope you guys have an excellent day.~

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