Giselle (Pink dress) - Enchanted


FINALLY after all these years! This was such a fun costume to do, and I can't wait to rewear her (maybe with an Edward in tow?) <3 Making such a simple costume was really relaxing, as I could really focus on the construction and get it exactly how I wanted without worrying about fussy details.

HEADBAND: A plain gold hairband with fake orchid flowers attached to it. I dyed the flowers with sharpie markers as I could only find white.

DRESS: Made from 'candy pink' microfibre, with viscose lining, and velvet ribbon. The arm swoops are made of fairy organza and chiffon.

WIG: A Coscraft 'Jeri' in 'Dark Strawberry Blonde' with additional matching wefts that I curled with hot water and rollers.

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1st November 2017

So much pink

I used the same pattern as I did for my Fyora dress, and altered it to be floor length again! The fabric for the dress is candy pink mirofibre, and I used a soft viscose to line the bodice. The ribbon is velvet, and the swoops are fairy organza (I wanted that extra sparkle, fight me). Those were patterned by making the shoulder strap pattern muchlonger and wider, then bringing it in again until I was happy with the size. The flower crown was a fun one: I bought a bunch of fake flowers and dyed them with sharpie markers, then added little felt backs to them so I could slip them onto a thin hair-band.

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