Raider Power Armour - Fallout 4


I decided to build The Full Raider Power Armour.... to Scale. This includes 15" plasterers stilts re-enforced with hardboard. The a combination of 3 thicknesses of EVA foam, 3 sizes of polytubing, garden wire, metal cable, sheets of Aluminium, Worbla, Perspex, plastic fish food containers, Washing Machine parts, sections from a vacuum cleaner, foam insulating tubing, plastic cable tubing for electrical racking, Guitar strings, a BMX helmet, Dowling, nails, screws, heat guns, glue guns, contact adhesive, cable ties, Plastidip, spray paints, acrylics, Iron Powder, salt, vinegar, hydrogen Peroxide, 2 fans, batteries, switches & a microphone and small speaker. The costume when all put together stands about 9 ft tall. I decided to make this one as the idea of a complete armoured costume made from junk metal applied greatly. As a result I decided to not use stencils, templates or pep files and cut the entire costume free hand. It has so far taken 15 months to make. I don't want to think how much.

Dax79 posted on 6 September, 2017 - 13:24
It's a long way down.....

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