Nisha - Borderlands 2


I recently got into Borderlands and wanted to get a costume done for Kitacon. I really loved Nisha in pre-sequel but didn't have time to get that costume made. I loved her costume design from borderlands 2, and even though she is just a side quest character I though she was pretty cool.
The hat was bought from a joke store. I had to trim the edge to make it flat. I painted some foam sheets and hot glued them to the hat.
The coat was a simplicity western duster pattern. At the time I only had black fabric and didn't have the time to go and buy some off black, so I wasn't able to put all the marker effect on this version of the coat. but I really wanted to at least have a costume for kita, so I thought this would be my practice one and I will make another later.
For the leg and arm armour I made a simple design out of card and painted them.

I didn't have much practice at the make up so I was dreading what it would look like, but I think it turned out ok.

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