Canada (Matthew Williams) (Casual) - Hetalia


my child
i always felt a connection to this boy and i'm so glad to be cosplaying him finally, even if it's just casual for now! It'll be nice to have a comfier cosplay to wear at a con though, and one in which I can wear my glasses all the time eyyyyy

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31st October 2017


So I've spent the last few days working on his curl/ahoge, which I need to attach to the wig! I've been following a tutorial by theonenamedA on DeviantArt, and it's been going pretty well! I'm trying to attach it to the wig however but I think it's too heavy;; so I'm going to see if I can get it to work, but if not I might buy thicker wire and try again orz. I've attached one of my recent progress photos!

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