Malon (Adult) - The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of Time


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1st June 2017

Making Malon

This was a fun cosplay to make! So I had leftover fake suede fabric, that I believe was bought for my Lara Croft cosplay, and it reminded me instantly of Malon's apron. Play Expo was coming up, and instead of rewearing another cosplay, I wanted to practice sewing so I decided to make Malon from Ocarina of Time instead. I used hemming tape on the apron, as I didn't want to show stitch lines, as if it was a piece Malon had cut out. The design on the apron was painted on using leather fabric paint, using various references. The belt buckle was made using left over craft foam and worbla, and attached to a belt I already owned. For the first, I sewed a simple skirt with an elastic waist band, and used bondaweb for the design on the bottom. I didn't like the top I sewed, so I bought a shirt from Primark, and used bondaweb with the fabric of skirt design, for the sleeve markings. The Bowser brooch was 3D printed by my friend Dru, and attached to a piece of fabric I sewed for her scarf. I wanted to make this cosplay as cheaply as I could, so the wig wasn't what I wanted, and was binned the second I got home from the con. Hoping to remake this already, especially the apron and the wig.

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