Ryoko - Tenchi Muyo


Through a wonderful friend, I've had the joy of having Petrea, the dub voice actress of Ryoko, as a friend on my personal social media, and it was due to her that I decided to give voice acting a go, something I've wanted to do all my life.

She mentioned she wanted to guest at a UK con, so I got her in contact with my favourite UK convention, Kitacon, and at this Kitacon she was the main guest, which meant of course I needed to finally make a Ryoko cosplay.

'Finally' as Ryoko, besides Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop, is my favourite fictional woman, and Tenchi (the first 3 seasons) is one of my favourite series', with one of the main reasons being because of Petrea's voice acting.

The outfit was out of my comfort zone in terms of crafting, and I am awful at wig styling but I managed to add wefts (the bits at the sides) and make it look recognisable as Ryoko, so I was proud of that.

Everything, down to the waistband is handmade, but I'm going to remake it as soon as possible.

Originally the shoes, with the white parts on top, were separate, but I took them off for the shoot so I didn't have to make Acoustica edit them. They weren't the same shade as my tights so they looked off. This is why I'm going to buy some red spandex and make high waisted leggings with insoles, along with other changes, for when I wear her again.

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1st July 2017

Bits and Bobs

Like with most cosplays, I start with looking at what I already had, to see what I could start making, or what I could make at all. I made these buttons with left over PVC I bought for Faye a long time ago, and these will be at the front and back of the jacket. I went with PVC as I always imagine them having a tacky 90's like shine to them.

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