Flareon (DnD Barbarian) - Pokemon


Began sketching ideas for a group before finding SunsetDragon's DnD Eeveelution designs, but parts are loosely based off of her Flareon design, as seen here:
- https://www.facebook.com/sunsetdragoncom/photos/a.1266199956727411.1073741841.219002468113837/1261677230513017/?type=3&theater

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24th May 2017

Body Pieces

Fixing everything last minute.

24th May 2017


Testing position of ears.

3rd May 2017

Axe Base

Created a base from camping mat foam to be glued around a wooden dowl and then fixed to PVC pipe.

3rd March 2017


Choice of leggings.

2nd March 2017


Progression of designs, having found SunsetDragon's midway through this process.

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Online - 19th June

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