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Nico isn't really my 'Best Girl' but she gets some of the cutest outfits and I really liked the idea of being pink and girly! I made this myself and I was worried about a lot of parts, but Lauren/Bakurakat was making her Kotori at the same time so she actually figured out all of the complex stuff, ahaha. This is also the most expensive thing I've made, because most of it is Duchess Satin, ouch...

Worn at:
MCM London May 2017
Kitacon Quest 2017

- The Top, which is Duchess Satin with Bias Binding for details, and a zipper in the back! The collar is Polycotton plus some ribbon and lace I already had kicking about! There's black lace along the hem and fake buttons on the front. Plus the sleeves, which are poofy even if they're not totally accurate?
- Four Skirts! I made them as two waistbands with two skirts on each. From bottom to top, it's as follows;
-- Skirt 1 Is a 1.5x Circle Skirt made from Duchess Satin with Horsehair Braid along the hem.
-- Skirt 2 Is Two-Tone Organza in one long strip that's gathered to make it floofy.
-- Skirt 3 Is Black Cotton that we had to dye because the colour was off. I added a long ruffle to the bottom, red ribbon across the front, and the white detail on the front which was whote polycotton. Then I gathered it all down to my waist, from about 2.5x!
-- Skirt 4 Is Pink Polycotton because I couldn't find the right shade in actual cotton :( It started as a Circle Skirt that I cut up the middle and then shaped/pinned down the edges to make it 'open up' like in the reference. Also I added Red Ribbon as well as Horsehair Braid under the hem.
- All the bows! The bows are all Poly Cotton and theres 8...? alltogether. Two in my hair (with Pom Poms glued on!), two on my gloves, two on my boots and one each on the back and front of the top. The one on the front also has ribbon on too~!

- The wig, which I played about with and trimmed slightly.
- The gloves, that were my Madoka gloves I just changed up a bit.
- The boots, which wouldn't go over my chunky legs so I handstitched elastic into the back to help them fit.

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18th May 2017

Skirts 1&2 of 4!

These are the bottom two skirts, that sit on top of my petticoat(s) and are actually supposed to be only barely visible under the upper layers. I combined the two onto one waistband. The very bottom skirt is a 1.5 (I think) Circle Skirt made from a dark pink duchess satin. I gathered the waist and the hem has horsehair braid across the entire length. Next time I wear this I'm going to have to tack it down, because some parts at the back keep flipping over and becoming visible, argh! The top layer of these two is a two-tone pink organza which I LOVE! This was just one long strip twice my waist measurement that I gathered. There's roughly an inch difference length-wise in the two skirts but my hems might be just a touch uneven!!

14th May 2017


I honestly hate collars so much, I know how they should work but it never works out! This is the wide collar that I sewed along the bodice, made of black cotton as well as thin satin ribbon. It's no means the neatest thing in the world but I'm just glad it's done!

12th May 2017

The Naked Top

This was the first run of the bodice once it was all assembled out of the Duchess Satin. I ended up having to take it in somewhat, which is always a nice surprise! This is the base and the bias, collar and all of the details like buttons ended up getting attached at the end.

6th May 2017

Trims and Fabrics

There were a lot of different small bits and bobs that went into this costume, and even though it's not extremely detailed, I found it quite enjoyable assembling all the things I would need. Figuring out what to start with was the toughest part though. There's satin ribbon in there, two colours of bias, two shades of duchess satin, some cottons and even organza which I was NOT looking forward to sewing!

6th April 2017

Wig Test!

I ordered my wig from Cosplay Salon and when it arrived I couldn't resist taking a couple of dumb selfies as I styled and cut the front parts!

4th April 2017

Bodice Drafting

I always find drafting patterns to be kinda fun, and it was no different for the pattern for Nico's top. I had to do it differently to usual, with more panels and seams at the front because of the shape, so that was... Interesting to figure out!

23rd March 2017

Fabric Samples

Since I was determined to do things properly this time around and branch out with my fabric choices, we ordered some fabric samples before deciding on what colours and tones we should use for the bodice as well as the skirts, to make sure all the colours weren't going to clash!

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