Luigi (Femme) - Nintendo


"Luigi win! Luigi number one! Wow."

Kept quiet at first, this my first proper cosplay! As well as my first convention at HYPER JAPAN.

Luigi is my favourite character from the Mario franchise. 🎮

Only modified the hat where I cut out an "L" from white foam to stick on top of the existing felt one.

Outfit Details 💚
Wig: Ebay (lolitagirl_uk)
Dress/Shirt, Hat & Gloves Set: Ebay
Leggings: Already Owned
Boots: Ebay (shoefactory-uk)

Star & Bo-bomb: Ebay

I'll be improving this costume by wearing bright blue contact lenses, changing the buttons and either buying or modifying the hat and gloves to be more accurate.

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14th January 2017

"L" on Hat

Using tacky glue, I made a very late night last minute decision to cut out an "L" out of thin white foam to stick over the existing felt one. I wanted the "L" to stand out more, especially in photos.

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Online - 19th June

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